Wednesday, March 29, 2006


woahh...suddenly i have so much to say...and every thing i want to say has a picture..image object? to project drawing skills are killing on me... my hands are getting rusty... my brain is squeeking....and not to mention magenta what? lolz

but yesterday's incident just show me how blind love can really get. or maybe cause its the 1st time something like this is happening to one of my 'so-called friends'. he aint exactly friends since i know him from maple. stays in SG. and has never freakin' see each other before except thank you friendster.

but heck yea..he is a friend. after all , we talk. laugh. gossip. share. scream. bully each other as if we had known each other for not 1 month but a whole decade. freaky sometimes how you can get close to a person so fast and suddenly everything stops. in this case ...hahaha lets just say a GIRL came to his life.

f.y.i. i was always the guy in his life a.k.a his xiong di. he is my girl in my life a.k.a jie mei.

last 47 days (woah...i remembered) my maple character got married. BY FORCE. but it was not a regrettable one cause thanks to this i have known much more people....though yeslar a bit sad case all online people. what happen to real flesh and blood? im still with them...through MSN. o.m.g this fella my char married a bit tooooo carried away by this whole "marriage" thing. its freaky. dont fall for the person you have never met before in your life, sumore its a characterley!! cannot compare wan. want talk to me bout game relationships?

Boy. have i seen a lot......lets bring back RO shall we? LOL so yea....i had a LIFETIME explaining Game is Game. RL is RL. thou shall not mixed both of this up even though all your senses has gone into the waste paperbasket and all you see is fluffy pink heart shape clouds with candies poking from the ground and singing daffodils....i assume thats what you see la when youre in love.(so the dahsyat right? hahahaha)

thus, we go back to my jiemei.xiong di. i told him to brainwash my 'maple hubby' that this wont go anywhere. theres no such thing as 'see 1stlar' or 'maybe canleh' or 'how you know if you dont try' me it just doesntlarh. yes age does not matters in love. but wth i didnt do anything to make him act this way!! T_T and i think he knowslar...hahahah i very bad wanlor ....thats what they all have been sayinglarh zz not bad dont make false promises and make the water boil even worse.

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and remember that xiong di jiemei...? he was the one with me talking bout game relationships and rl relationships. how these 2 wont work out(usually) and how you should know how to diffrenciate between these 2 worlds... of course im not saying you cannot fall for your online gaming buddy. just that its seldom the 'and so they lived happily ever after' fairy godmothers aint exactly that free with all these keng chau demands girls have these days.

Well..this lill xiong di jiemei FELL for someone in maple. it happened quite long. i just told him that....he falling for his own emotions..or something since your heart and mind will go seperate ways. and despite how strong his 'philosophies' of online r/s were. ahahahahahaha his heart gave way and fell for her.

i thought it was a big infatuation.

he thought it was just a sudden lovebug thing.

she thought nothing was going on.

estee give them a break. people in love yao kuan lei meh si..

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kuan ngor si when the guy is 19 and the girl is 25. kuan ngor si when she said that she is a divorcee with 2 children.(if she aint lying to melar) kuan ngor si when he said that he wants to take this real life if he dares and if she wants and dont mind. kuan ngor si that the girl is actually calling him and taking this real life too.( i calls worh) kuan ngor si when suddenly they sms me to log in maple to attend thier wedding. kuan ngor si when my 'maple hubby' said 'hes deep in'.


love is strong. love is keng....when love happens love happens. what happen to all those stand? all those mindsets? all those philosphies? all those....i dont know!!~LOL i dont know. should i laugh at love? or should i be afraid of it?

does it really take all your senses away? its true that love is blind deaf and dumb? how long can real love last? how do you know thats real love? what are all those made up love songs. love poems. love quotes. love everything.

and this is coming from a person who has so much faith in love. omg. whats wrong with me?

izit cause im worried for my friend? worried taht someone will get hurt? izit cause i feel a deja vu playng all over again? izit cause deep down i actually dont approve of all these age barrier relationships? or am i jealous that they are happy?(wth i better not be)

actually why am i worrying so much when its not my freaking problem? who am i to have say in sumones relationship?

good questions. i shall lay this whole thing to peace behind of my head ...wait theres no space in my head. thnk Q dustbin.

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