Friday, May 12, 2006

kns brother...

I'm sick of people who honestly think that they are mature and almost-adults acting like spoiled rotten, immature little twelve-year-olds.
...sigh i fall in the second category...but..still...gonna act like one for now: P

i swear...that brother of mine is SOOO DEAD....

and he just have to add to the "sister is gonna kill you" list.

this afternoon before the MacD, cause my parents were out the whole day. i had this fetish to go 1-utama to watch the Jap show : Heaven's Bookstore. which i presume will be down soon since it was up on 27th of April.

oh wait...parents went back malacca to visit kungkung. ironic that last week or so i was back kg to makan dinner cause he hit jackpot 4D. when we left after dinner , he wanted us to stay one more night so badly but we really had to go back so we said this " kungkung kena 4D againlarh so we can come and visit you and makan!!: D"

ironically...this week he fell sick. mom said his breath went short and was immediately charged to the hosp. so thats why shes back today. sigh. i wanted to make a card for him. felt kinda and flowers were like an ENGLISH tradition..chinese was more like..bird nest and ginseng... so i didnt know what to draw or what to write..i banana remember?

in the end. the great bulat fell asleep at 945pm after watching finding Nemo and waking up 830am this morning when my parents have left for malacca already. ...felt so bad..ceh....and this shows my period memang coming. 12 hours sleepley.

Anyway..back to topic...thus i was like "kenttttt kent ahh..lets go 1-ularhhhhh" but today was Wesak Day. very the jam wan. actually any holiday aso very the jam wan. 1-u oh 1-u. i love you but why you must be like this? cannot have a space reserved for me meh.....we are practically share holders...always coming to brother can memorize the place with his 5 senses gone.

sigh...but being the didi he is..wouldnt..DIEDIE also dont want to fetch me there. so bad lorh okay. i wanted so badly to go there. and..hahahahaha i sulked and pouted. i think this is what happens when either Pmsing or cause i have not been mingling with the outside world much. of course he STILL wouldnt give in. im not his dopey eyed cute girlfriend. im his kns older sister but acts like 5 yar old punya for goodness sake.

but i know he feels bad. hahahahahaha: D after all guys are guys right? so he being a bit..."SIGHHHHH" decided to humour me with driving around and listening to me groan and sing off key to daniel powter -bad day....obviously he killed me with his EVEN MORE off key voice...kns~_~ counter attack me!

i forgave him once we settled with MacD. ...i dem easily satisfied kns. must be the chocolate sundae, eating french fries while he cant cause his driving(bonus!but i was feeding him..) and fast cars....i bad. my brother barely got his license for a month. he drives pretty fast and i dont freaking care cause i like fast cars. i dont even put on my seatbelt...i better change this attitude~_~

Oh..and we met his 50 +year old teacher at MacD with 2..dem young small kuchi rat kids...less than 10 or around there...i swear look like his grandchildren but he swears those were his kids....dem cutelarh but...scarylorh...~_~ den he said the teacher is married to a ex-student from his high school..WTH?...sounds so wrong..~_~ to melarh..he say maybe cause the teacher miang HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA too muchlarh you.

understood maybe the girl really likes older man with more experience and kinder erm...instincts: D over-age matuarity? sweat.

so heck yea....the MacD stains came after everything and my bro wasnt home...sigh i was back drawing (currently gonna mural my bedroom wall...but painting after i packed my room..i have 48 hours: D) folding stuff..reading love stories(i know so friends ARE LIVING in a love story . i am READING love stories..hahahahaT_T)

then at approx. 645pm...SLAM!!*"jie!!! what you want for dinner?"
"i dont know...what we eating? where we going?"
" i going 1-utama"


he can sense the anger in my bones.. my nerves... my kapilaris..whereeverlarh suddenly ms bulat was on fire.

"er....we go tehre celebrate teachers day"

starts chanting"pissedpissedpissedpissed"sounded like im gonna start some really bad curse.

he knows i am.

"reallylar jie..i didnt expect it...."

"pissedpisssedpisssedpisssedpiseeedspiseeed" while doing some stupid dance."you can tell them you dont want to go like this afternoon what!!"


"dont but" continue upgrading my dance

"..please dont make my life difficult...i tarpau food for late ledi jie...." grabbing his towel running into the bathroom

"SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i dont know whatt to a dish that will make me happy and you to get out of deep shit"

".......min tien? millenium chicken rice?.........carbonara?" he even human for suggesting these? mintien?!~_________~||||

" say leh....can read my face a not?!"

"errrrrrr"panics* suddenly..."CAKE?!"

...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! : D yes please thank you!!!!

"dont buy any cheese those you know balckforest...strawbeery fruits....."
"...howlarh if they dont have what you want?"
"call me larh from the cake shop!!!~_~"

and so....

"jiejie!! what you want?"

"say larh what they have?"

"choc cheese.mocha cheese. double cheese. marble cheese...cheesechseesecheesecheese.cheese...."

"STOP THE CHEESE!!!! say anything thats not cheeselarh...too much saliva izt?~____~"

"oh...choc temptation..choc mocha..midnight (something)"

".....whats that....?"

"err..chocolate...with..chocolate? and butter cake?"

".........zzZzZzZzzzzz.....~____~ just gimme temptation that wanlarh"

"okay!!!!!ROGER" here i am...still pissed... adding to that my stomach is to eat cake and be fullT_T...suanle....cakecake oh cake...faster come back before i really feel like throwing darts at the sister and brother photo hanging in his room.

bwahhahaha cake is back!!!: D

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btw the cake sucks...hahah...sad....~_~ if my brother called later or my mum calls him to come back..sure i ask him tarpau another....dont more on monday sjer..T_T sigh. the price of fat fat...whcihever...

oh: P i can ugut him buy lehh cause cause...Cause...bwahhahaha just now when he send me the cakey...i saw a girl in his car...leng wan sumore...for those girls his agelarh..~_~ the long hair fair...uh-huh..who cares: D ugut!!!!: D bwahahahahahahahah horns on my head.thumbs up!

-update:: i told my mom bout today: D i like to update her stuffs....erm yah...we ight and talk a lot in one go. i told her we go long kai(roam around) ss2,mayang,megah,damansara before we settled down in ss2 eating MacD. her 1st answer "...pls tell me that day's RM50 full tank went down how much?"

.....frankly..i dint dare to tell her didi accelerated a lot...A LOT.

Thursday, May 11, 2006.

its an sms day...

i really like to post my face's expression when i saw the amount of messages i received
..but its scarier than ju-ons face(since my hair doesnt half cover my face like The Ring..soo nahh)..this is what happens when your friends (pre-paid only) subscribes the "DAIL THIS No. REGISTER RM1 to entitle you for 1000 SMS in A WEEK"

WOAH chunnnn gimmick!! "RM1 leh!! so cheappp!! faster call~!!"....RM1 is after all..around 10 sms only..omg!!(just realized how expensive SMS-es are..shiet)


FREAKIN GOD RM1 1000 sms IS CHEAP!!!!curseS!!!! why line users takde such thing huh?! huh?!!!~_________~ cis....i am the QUEEN OF SMSING...1000 sms is nothing!!!! ROAR~~~!!! AIshhhhh...sadsadsad*

anyway.. a lot of my friends sign up..and you knowlarh...SG ppl got our "England disease"(a.k.a Phua Chu Kang show) while we have thier "kiasu" disease. hahaahhahaahha: D those 47 sms...and more..since i open few than my phone started shutting down by the time i managed to get my 4 year old to re-on...WOAH~_~

if he send me until finger pain..well..i read until eye dizzy mouth pain brain damaged. hahahahahahahahahaah hello. half of tham were the lame kns jokes that only lame people like me would laugh out loud while my brother stops and stare at me from DOTA.

and while i have friends who dint finish 1000 is a thousand...3 zeros!!...some said only send like what? less den 10 pun ader..den..dontla freakin subscribe ..i can tell you fork out 10 sen and that RM1 and 10 sen can belanja me MacD icecream. you happy. i happier!: DDD

but i have friends..who actually finish it..or close to finishing....LOL. Bird ah bird....they should have a list of names who actually finished the whole 1000 sms plus how much time was needed to. can become contest wei..then prize is "FREE GOD-KNOWS-HOW-MANY SMS!!!"

adding to those freakin 50+ sms-es...gotlarh another 3 ppl smsing...which 1 of them im too shy to say....the no was copied from some poster from some building....i was with sexay chan ..she was with some interviewer or something. i accompanied her there cause bangsar aint

hello...almost 2 hours of waiting with no air con aint exactly my cup of tea. i wont complain but...i had to find something to keep my occupied!! so yea...i saw posters and i randomly took a number to copy and sms to...Erm...though (yes a guy one...LOL what luck) he didnt reply on spot..muchmuchmuchMUCH later..he actually called..wth?

it was so long ago..imagine my face (again the same stricken ju-on expression) when i saw sms from him..~_~ lucky...only 3 sm-es i might have re-saved his name as stalker...ahahahahahaha reminds me in high school when elaine gave me her number and i sms the WRONG was some random GUY too...but this was REALLY scarier..REALLY like stalker...needless to say...elaine was laughing her ass off the next day..~_~

so im off tiring.......i really love smsing..i can sms the WHOLE DAY!!! my friends dont understand how i can do it..and without dictionary too..i just go taptaptaptaptap. i love it: D the sounds of the noisy buttons!! pitpitpotpotpet* LOL!! so old school!!: D

but lets lay off sms-ing a while..its cause im sick of emptying my inbox...have to filter wan ley..some sms i want to keep..some i dont...than have to save..than the sentence "FULL"...GARH!! so....lets keep it this way 1st...


.......~__________~ zz

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