Sunday, June 11, 2006

exposeh..with a line above 'e'

i saw this card thing on MTV that day. the guy was doing his so-called "magic" and somehow i saw how the last trick was done. hahahahaha sorry man. but maybe cause you were overconfident..or the cards were too near the screen or maybe i read it somewhere before: D

no. im giving credit to myself for the 1st ever magic trick that i can expose. since i always get tricked/cheated even by mok's "omg estee where did the coin go" trick. i was like.."where?!" when everyone was like.."there....."~_~

i drew it so clear: D exposed in less than 6 seconds; D

P.s//malay's mail blogging babes..i dont know how were the photos taken. by some photographer from Malaymail or what, but i personally think its saddening. doesnt do any justice to them. they are a gazillion times more leng. WTH.

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