Sunday, June 18, 2006

happy papa day: D

.bleah i made my dad look older than he really is...and much for drawing.. bLeahzk.

my bro says that the drawing looks...wrong cause its fathers day but yet...hahaha~_~ the actions seem terbalik. Erm...paiseh.

my family does nothing on fathers day and i really mean nothing. instead its like any normal day..too normal in fact. i almost forgot its fathers day. but of course suddenly someone hit my head (my Consciouslarh). so playing a good luilui role today.

"eh you doing anything ar not?"
somethings coming. beepbeep*
"eh comelarh teman your old papa go to big market"
"eyerrr....very smelly wan go there buat aper"
"i wanna buy plastic bags..."
"huh? all the way there?!"
"you know that day you used those bags to pack the plastic thingys"
"i can buy you MacD!: D"
(you highlight and see hahahaha: D)

i easily satisfiedleh. hahahahahaha: D mom say i so cheapskate. but arh..she ownself mau also okay. phone me go buy for her also. my brother more keng.

"jie im going out to eat but tarpau for me also. i wan set wan arh. dont want you always buy solo meals"


.muarks pa!! you know we love you despite you being so baka..!!<3

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