Saturday, June 10, 2006


.i guess i can forgive this lalat bought it btw.

if you so happen to be at 1-u. so happen to be in FOREVER 21. so happens to be around 3pm+. then im pretty sure you will notice these 2 mentally retarted people at the sunglasses section where prices ranged from RM25-RM29. both were trying on each and every pair and literrelly hogging the darn one and only mirror displayed there. LOL.

i cannot believe the darn shop took up 3/4 shoplots and had this awesome window like display thingy. i really dont know how to explain that but i'm lovin it. sadly i didnt find much skirts nor pants. though shirts were like every.where.every.single.corner. and yea every.piece.look.almost.the.same.

polka dots from afar. but..actually its repition of and boy were the shirts looonggg. if you are short you will save a lot on the bottom part, you dont need any. actually i didnt get to really see much cause it was really packed. so many girls takper. so manyauntiesnot so young lengluis takper. so many on and off duty forever 21 workers. takper. many boyfriends.guy friends. ji muis and above all..children and babies.

howlar how? hahahahahaha aboslutely SWEAT!!

seeing how long the queue is for the changing room and the counter isnt exactly boosting buying power too. but me and mom will go back there next week: D cause mom saw some shirts she already programmed into her mind to get it. and next week every "lil boy and girl" are going back school: D so yeah: D we will be back.

but most of the clotehs look somewhat...i dont know what era izit. 60's? 80's but its the polka dots...stripes...long shirts..leggings...lalat sunglasses. wide hairbands.agogo colours. which my mom was practically screamin asoft" i freakin gave shirts like these just few months ago when i cleaned my wardRobe!!ARGH!!"

..haha: P looks really the same . just altar a bit the design but cloth and colour wise basically stayed the same authentic colours. not to mention the jewellery...pearls pearls and more pearls or big ass bulat thingys which i like but wont wear. dahlarh bulat wear bulat stuff sumore.(mom claims they look like the monk praying beads...sweatlarh)and yea..half of what i saw i remembered mom has a lot just that she kept them in the closet cause its old and she hardly uses anymore.

well..time to see light.

amazing how fashion just turned a round. and im not even 21 yet. bleah.

p.s// i met audree and jia felt so blog struck. ahahah and they were so much cuter in real life. a stalker T_T

lynlyn just had to make me feel T_T

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