Tuesday, June 27, 2006

she smart? i smarter.

my house fridge(lets call him Mr.busy) opens his mouth 24/7.365 days thus resulting in "jaw" problems. Mr.Busy's mouth tak boleh close nicely de.Oh and everytime i go visit Mr.Busy miraculously my tummy gets bigger! surprise surprise. sharing the same oxygen as him must have been one of the culprit. but anyway i just cant stop visiting him!! you too right? i bet everyone loves their own Mr.Busy. or..whatever name yours carry...you know like..MR.Busybusier..Mr.notsobusy....yea.

you see..Mr.Busy is extremely close to my mom, since she interect with him almost every..erm hour or so. cause they exchange recipes.ahh..yes: D and inside mr.busy theres a sealed place that mom shares with Mr.Busy. little did i know what was the REAL secret behind it. Mr.busy is far too nice to stop me..and curiosity killed no human..thus i always go and kacau that "secret" place.

but all i see..is cake stuff..FLOUR.NUTS and what nots. cannot eat wan..although can..she tied those plastic bags with rubber band so tight i bet the nuts inside are suffocating...you see also lazy to open liao.Mr.Busy sense my...sadness...but he did not say anything but smile and offer me an apple or two to make me feel better.

..i still think Mr.Busy and mom shared a secret that i dont know. she pratically floats and glow everytime after her visit with him...thats unfair!! why cant i share the secret too?!T_T

limitslmits. i couldnt take it anymore and one day i kutchi dear MR.Busy..HOHOHOHO look what i found!!!!!: P since i was soooo occupied with the little secret..mana tau the REAL SECRET is...right under my nose !!!: P..you know how occupied you get and you dont notice the significant? yea...

but whatever!

GONE CASE!!kekekekekkekekke: P Yum.wheeeee~~~**


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