Saturday, June 3, 2006

throws ba-chang at everyone!!

gymIM BACK!!!!(back again..shes back..back again...)

lame-oh is back too: D

back from my sweet totally papan kampung that has bats hanging by the front singing amitabha after throwing stones at a frog and overflows with water during raining season!!!!(and usually theres not enough water to have a good shower)

updates neck is aching from sleeping the in the car.

i feel like a sengeted giraffe now.

oh and yes...i love eating ba-changs.... but i freakin hate doing them. hatehatehatehate. no matter what i do not interect together. better i dump all the ingredients into a bowl and steam it.


ba chang(-the leaves) in a bowl a.k.a loh mai kai hahahahahahhahahaa: D

the 5 steps to ba-chang.

which seriously need like what? talent and patience and everything else. by the time i did step 1. my grandma did like 5/6 zhongs. BLEAH.

. a very messy 5 steps that i dont wanna eloborate.

and i was kinda pissed.sad.sensitive. that by the time i got my 1st step done. my grandma got touche and said " aiya u leave the kitchenlarh you arent of any use". you should see my face so hurt!....there i am trying my ass out to get it done. then when i kept askin my mom how. my grandma said again " aiya why you so noisy wan?"


needless to say. i didnt eat lunch. i was moody and i went to sleep and talk on my h/p to calm myself down. if not... hurhur. even though shes my grandma and she probably didnt mean anything she said. i would have burst into tears and probably scream at her in broken chinese and later in english. which...thats why sleep is good.

anyway: D my dear cousins were there again. no need me to say anything. sexay heard screams from them from the h/p and she was like "RIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHTT"

...haha: D but i love them to bits!!
ALTOUGH my freaky 5 year old cousin dug her nose and then this LOOOOOOOOONG Pei tai!! FISH* she...freakin show it in front of me AND THEN SHE FREAKIN ATE IT!

and licked her lips and said YUM!



i dont know your reaction but i hell ran away from her.!! WTH?!~___~ im so out of my kid zone.

her brother was doing kns things...~_~

running around with wrapping paper from parkson screaming "SUPERMAN!!!UPDATED!!!ZOOM!!!"

hhahahahahahahaXD kawaii

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