Thursday, August 3, 2006

ah-choo v.2

never understand

" sick arh you?"
".nolarhh sneeze only what..maybe someones missing me!!~ hahahaha"
"...yarh with phelgm and all"
"....crap u"


" my throat very think im gettin sick?"
"...aiya wan kok lei ge jiek"(your imagination only....used my trademark sentence pulak wth)
"..cannot belarh..itchy until..i wanna scratch my ear cause my throat make my ear itchy"
"...WTH?...? anyway drink honeylarh it will be better!!"

this morning....

"ah-choo ah cho0o ah choOOOooOo!!!"
"thats 3 times definately sick hahaha: D"
"where got mother laugh at thier daughter sick wan?!..and i drank honey yesterday!! should be better what"
" aijo...go take medicinelarh!!~talk so much..and your papa luanluan lai..honey cure wan meh?! honey add phelgmlarh"

.my medication.

I WISH!(am wishing LOL)

but i DID eat banana choc from secret recipe just now *burp* ...what to do..sexay chan tarpau to my house de ...dont eat meh? siao...the cake like calling my name leh...

"come come bulat i know you want me..i know yu cannot resist me"

CHOMP!!!!!!** into my mouth into my stomach *burrrrrRrRrRrrrP* kekekeke

but im not kidding. msbulat is sick. sick is such a rare thing for me... imagine i sleep same bed with my didi when he has chicken pox i also wont get it....i got the virus like what? 6 years later? LOL so once im sick...i beh tahan wan..cause not used to being sick..lil bit i also feel like very the san fu~_______~

and once sick..i will be really the sick. serious sick..dunno why i feel ..people like me hardly fall sick wan...sure one day die of a great know those people always fall sick..small sickslar...flularh..coughlarh..then due to the fact they always fall sick thus thier body built up anti-resistants(antibodi whatever) to fight off all these sickness..thus they are indirectly stronger.

people like me seldom sick..suddenly tsunami sick come..kengkeng one. my body cannot tahan..den mai dielorh..ya...hahahha i actually think this way. my mom say i siao wan....cause i healthy only hardly sick marh....noleh mom T_T cause i make friends with virus then suddenly they wan bully me mai make me sicklorh.... prove how sick i am...theres the proof... i talk crap for 2 reading back i also dont know what i just talk about.. zzZZZzzzz.

in sick. im sneezing. i hate medicines(yuck..the real medicine i took..not the yellow, had red/pink lines and is bitter..T_T aiaiai..i only like children know doctor give the bottle transparent white sweet de? yarh...when i go see doctor i always ask can i have the syrup..hahahahaha and no..he wont gimme...) i hate sleeping when sick (somehow when you wake up feels even more sick) i hate cough. i hate breathing through my mouth....

you know what, i remember the other day i said this when my gym trainer say why gym almost half a year still never put down weight.

"aiyo...i rather get one very keng sickness then put down weight faster..once cure liao then i maintain weight"

be careful for what you wish for...cause now sick jor..not big de..but still..~_~ if really tai ka lai si like me.....Kekekekeke sick also eat stilll..dont care: P suanle.

...oklarh i dont want to crap liao: D i have been crapping a lot...everybody also beh thn me on msn kekeke. ..

no...what im trying to say a kelian sick lil bulat girl...please seksek i can be better *ah -choo* show you pitiful look.

looks at KFC on the table....cannot eat de KFC that my didi tarpau for me (later gonna snowlar) cause he dont know i sick....*shows you charm look lvl 5* T_TT_TT_T


  1. take care urself...
    and sick liow still eat cake!? wTh~ :x

  2. kekeke xiexie ni panda man!!!~~

    btw more sick liao..LOL x____X T_______T