Wednesday, August 9, 2006

cari pasal of the day

"blahblahblah" "yadayadayada" "ehh so now that the plans are all sorted will be in 1-u tommorrow...midvalley on friday...pyramid on saturday and KLCC on sunday.." ".....i better start hiding my wallet so i cannot find it"

searching for small hands

my hands are small...actually i dont feel its small..but since im hand memang look unproportionly small compared to the rest....(dont count my small boobs T_T) but so far comparing to everyone i know..almost everyone i know my hands stands at being the smallest cousin whos 14 also got bigger hands den me..~_~""

i dont like can? feels like....i dont know search of small hands!!!!~dontla gimme 4 year old kid like mitchie sister of course my hand bigger..but ar..bigger by NOT that a lot hands...16 cm!!: D from middle finger to the end of the palm....around there ba 16cm~~in search for smaller hands!!!: D win ar...erm...yumcha session kekeke i paylorh what else to celebrate my not small hands: P

searching for big boobs

lyn has the biggest boobs i know...i mean msia larh so far...her boobs are the biggest in my circle..i dont know bout other people..peoples frens.. but hers so far hold the record...and its becoming so common where if any big girl boob pass by me and lyn will look for 3 seconds den look at each other for 2 seconds den she will say " i still win" hahahahahahaXD

so...must search for girls with bigger boobs!!!!!: D: D: D

we are sooooooo lame and mou liu.

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