Monday, August 21, 2006

cute car

i need something cute to make me forget todays episode of American Next Top Model!!

so yea.

btw today's episode BLEARGH!!!!!~_~(the girl so biatchy wan?!)

but i still cannot forget my frust(over this 1 small episode) plus it was so hot...i was like this spoilt girl that had a spoilt recorder in my mouth


until my didi who when dota-ing wont even notice if the house is burning, beh tahan scolded me for making him lose his GODLIGHT.

kekeke: P

so i decided to do something....kinda...lame?stupid? for fun? for nuts? ...since the present buyliao...then i wont wear de bah...then cannot be i keep..although bought present for her liao...still..this present shall be an extra then *hums*

i ....not....artsy feel...did i even graduate from art college~_~'

.cannot be i show whats inside....later she click and saw it here before i even drop it off her house LOL: P

i made a card too..but too sucky...then i also forgot to take a photo of it.....and i feel...the whole thing looks like some lover thing...pinkpink....!!>_<' but she likes pink yea!!!
im the ultimate mess maker!!!!!! reminds me of good ol days!!!XDXD

i love messing things up!!!!! then....packing !!O_o im...weird.

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