Wednesday, August 2, 2006

surprise surprise

..i suck at surprises....wanted to at least make sexay chan a bit surprised during her birthday by doing the end

"eh alice say want to celebrate worh"
"like that i call alice to see what is going on den we all can celebrate it together. you like yit lao wad"
"..why u telling it to my face?"
"...well..since u aso noe how to say alice said...den as long you dont know larh the place and all it should be fine!: D semi surprise?"
" suck"

"eh..i be directlarh what you wanna eat?"
" MacD or chicken rice at kelana"
"nono..not for lunch later but u wanna eat for your birthday"
" we go eat jap buffet!!!!"
"serious meh...haha(tears of sweat)"
"(sensing my sweat) oklarh...i see how 1st cause my fren coming back from sabah ay wan take me makan there"
"i tok with alice liao den we simply cannot come to a conclusion..she gave a plce that i simply must have something to conquer back but i cannot think of any"
"..what place is that?"
"..dowanlarh we go eat crab!! den cheong K!!! den drink wine!! how does tat sound? economic nyer!"
"FABULOUS!!...EH! wth! u just came up with the whole itinery for your birthday..and aper economic..kns~___~'" i suck in doing all these...esp when you have to think of the money wise...transport wise...time wise...BLeah. she just came up with a workable one in mere split why is she still singlE??!! weird nyeR!!!~O_o

and nothing is more surprising finding...peoples blog...people that you know...sumore es-RO kaki..somemore..i think wanted to kao ning de ....lolz...small small digital world.

ang gugu...

really small world..~_~ off to 1-u.

i bet the people there must be so sien of my small wardrobe edi always wearing the same clothes ...lolz~_~ not that 1-u dun have shops sumore. ahhhhh~~~


  1. wah all ur post like conversatioN~ u can remember all the conversation~ sai lek!

  2. keke my brain remember lapsaps wan

  3. haha... u have a good braiN~ :)
    must be small small time drink enfragrow or dumex LOL~

  4. lol =p ex ro kaki? aiKSS!! mMMm....whats ur nick geh!!