Monday, September 25, 2006

and so pose!!*

puasa just started 24 hours ago.
local chinese singers already started doing the CNY song clips.
christmas wish lists are already in making.

izit me or time flies faster than......okay time just flies.

this is why me grow fat. dad no grow fat.


this is not helping at all..with all the mooncakes..all the lou poh how how?! poke tummy* sien....want eat..dowan fat..

to burn mooncakes(1000 calories) = running *counts*around 13km ....


lets not talk bout depressing stuff.

smashpop is actually giving away cameras and ipods for camwhoring~~!! thats like...getting something out of doing nothing!!!

well almostlarh.

its gonna be tough.. i mean EVERYONE camwhores.

okaylarh he didnt actually camwhore but he was playing with the h/p...lucky snap: P

1st prize is a who camwhores technically have a camera right?

do they still need that camera?!


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