Friday, April 6, 2007

me miss

sitting in front of my ever blinding monitor, doing work at 1.26am seems so nostalgic.

those days of working my butt off during late nights. i dont know how i could take in 3 days of non sleeping and just drawing non stop. either i love art that much. i diedie also dont wanna fail or cuase everyone is in the same boat.

and amongst those nights. there would be endless MSN chatboxes. endless skype talkings. endless midnight eating. endless midnight comp crashes. endless blasting of music. endless midnight "ran out of ink" markers. endless tears when you realize its too late. endless this. endless that.

funny now.. non of those are happening at all.

but what i miss most are midnight miss calls.

i know it sounds silly.

but i miss midnight calls, cause they are the ones that keep me "time". they are the one making sure i dont float away to "sugar doze land". they are the ones who had to stay up just to miss call me.


i miss my "miss call me please" jimuis.
(my kns are always here with me : )

no choice.

girlfriends always come 1st.

P.s// OMCupcake! my dad shares my toilet too!!!! ROAR* they are spoiling the pinkness of it!!!!!!*noOoOoooOo*

OmCupcake! today have to meet client! ahhhhh. but its..its..THAT client! *bleaAahhhh*

OmCupcake! Today have tomeet bands..but but....~_~ i dont know shit bout undergrnd music..if thats what they ar singing. only know how to do the coconut dance only!

OmCupcake! kelvin woke up to mm'bop. i woke up to party ppl, hey its friday night. i have a feeling its gonna be a long day for 40tripledlyn: P

OMcupcake! did u know?! there was a monitor lizard in the boss house/office. yesterday!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh. i thought i was going to dieeeeeeeeee!! i scared until all my bulu roma dropped off i think.

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