Monday, April 23, 2007

unfinished work.

the only thing period does. makes you emo.

and oh. eats a heck loads of dessert which i entertainingly told ting n buaya.

"that day right,i weigh myself then i saw omg! heavy jorh! so i started to cut down on my food. few days later, i weighed again and saw oh! lighter than before quite a lot! and started on my makan spree, just to find out days later my mom shifted the weighing machine location. as the floor was uneven, thus the "lost weight" that day was the wrong weight and now im heavier than that 1st heavy weighing i did! zz!!!"

and thanks a whole lot to ting for sacrificing her entertainment so i can loot her lappie for a week. i guess i will need another alternative next week fast unless my boss confirms this. bleahz.

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