Thursday, May 24, 2007

the rum rockssss!!!!!: D: D: D


..................hokay. so beve and piggy gave me red light not to spill the beans rum.

pleasearhs. why would i tell what's gonna happen? plus, i don't know half of what is going on since i did not watch 1 and 2. i managed to figure out the Black Pearl and Davy Jones' Locker and half of the cast but words like Flying Dutchman....took me a long way before i went "oooooooooooooooooooh"

~_~ so much for misunderstanding half of it at 1st.

but trust are gonna laugh. i don't know bout the rest in the cinema..but i laughed albeit lame a not. cause ar....i am entertaining Jack Sparrow's lame jokes: P

okay so no more bout POTC. i have a feeling i'm gonna watch it again..and AGAIN.

and laughing again AND AGAIN. so that people whom i was supposed to watch with in the first place will not know i watch it liao. omg this is so DEJA VU. i very layan la like this *pengsan*

anyway tix was sponsored by NUFFNANG.

yay *claps*

this is prob. my 2nd free thing in life: D

thanks to uncle ruks who invited me to jump aboard the free ticket that he got: D: D: D

*big smiles*

i know he got reason for calling me to tag along *laughs* but nebermind i forgive you!! and we did not get lost *thank God* though i almost kiled him with last minute directions and wrong timing of ice-cream.....

anyway the whole.."thing" was a bit of a shock to me cause i did not expect so many people.*doinks* i mean it's not everyday you see a whole group of people waiting together outside before entering the cinema.

and i was like a stalker. stalking.every.single.blogger. that i can remember.

and i had to make the most kns statement to uncle

"omg they look the same as their photos!"

...................i must have sounded SO SILLY.


there were a "few" pirates that did not get drunk nor loudly caused chaos *laughs* and other than famous bloggers or blogs that i stalk. then, i saw...forummers as well. it's all a bit too shocking for me. hahahaha

yeslarh i know all humans. the fact that everyone is human that makes the whole thing scarier!!! ~_~ imagine if everyone were like furry rabbits, you would go pat their heads right? alamaklah.

oh. i loved the fact that there were soothing music when you entered the cinema. it was bliss to me.

Timothy Tiah gave a speech too: D

Okay, anyone up for a trilogy marathon? *shows shining eyes*


.considering i missed spiderman 3 plus no matter how many people called me whether i wanna watch, i could not make it (terrible timings), at least this time POTC was early NgeKs.

Pirates of the Caribbean (as my daddy pronouces "what you watching later?..curry bean?" ) rockkksss!!!!!!!

i don't care what others say. i don't care how people are gonna compare part 1 and 2 AND 3.

because *I* neither watched 1 nor 2. thus, no comparison. Thus, just enjoying it to the fullest.

the ending to me was like "miiiiiieeeeeehsss"larhs

and actually i felt the whole show as good *because* indirectly thanks to jack sparrow (how can johnny depp makes me fall in love with him over and over again with each show he does?!) and i love the way some parts were potrayed.

However, there's this one..or two parts that reminded me of...peter pan.


anyway, updates later.

must thank relevant people yarh?: D

oinks out.

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