Friday, June 22, 2007

custom made

that day we went to the Curve, cause they wanted to check out Peek-A-Boo prices for haircuts. well to me it was ridiculously overpricedlarhs....or maybe cause i'm used to going cheapo saloons and getting cheapo haircuts thus my "zhao yong" hair everytime: P

sexay chan's mom is a hairdresser and she always say " don't they all grad from the same academy?!"

hahahahas next time i go cari your mom okay: P albeit in kuantans

i was eating this with 40tripleD, when money said " eh you place your spoon with food on the left side right, it's as if that thing on your shirt is makaning"

i don't recall whether got photo but it must have looked really stupids if there was.

and 40tripleD decided to punch in a few ideas. few small oneslarh. i bet half of you can do crazier ones. hahahahahaah ^^''

this came about cause 40tripleD says that it's as if the monster is eating my boobs. go figure...eating small pau T__T. then we were cracking up cause if 40tripleD wears it, the monster jaw will be stretched until...HMM...cannot larhs, her paus are simply too big.

the worse is the armpit one, whatever made her think of that?!!!! THank God she's not in the fashion line. CAN DIE CAN?! ~_~'''' she will force me walk around to advertise. i can FEEl it owready.


  1. omg the armpit one xD eh if she ever made a t shirt like that i would definitely wear ! XD

  2. ....SWEATS!! SErious meh?! dontlarhs i wont allow it!O_o