Sunday, June 17, 2007

everyday is father's day.

ever since i came to the world
without doubt you embraced me with full of pride

as years go by
i soon to find
you were the one true companian in my life

though thick and thin, tears and all
filled me with hope and full of love
not only that, when i was glad
you were there to share to show how much you cared

that was years ago as you can see
time flies pretty quickly
all i know, one thing has not changed
and that is you,surpassing all my dear papa di

so out of gesture, out of love
i had this sudden urge
to pour my feelings into this card
to show how much you mean to me
on this once a year day.

this is the father's day card that i did in high school. cheesy no doubt, but it was really from my heart. not for the sake of marks mind you, though i really almost got full marks for this: P dad is the typical cina pek that won't mutter "i love you". won't layan hugs. even the word "good night" takes more effort cause in his "english" dictionary it's always good morning.

but because of us, he is willing to change. take in new views. to him, as long we are happy, he's happy too. and day by day this silent love is actually deeply planted in our hearts. you don't say. but you know. you feel it.

and it's funny how he notices things that..i don't recall at all. that day he bought back small ikan bilis. yes! ikan bilis the really tiny type. he happily said he bought it. i just stared back and said blankly " okay? then?" cause i did not know what was he saying. then he had this painful but trying not to be painful look "you said you liked it marh, so i bought"

i really don't recall when i said it nor what is it actually.

until mom took it out for me to see what is it.

Then i said " omg! yea i love these!!! how he knew?!!"

mom just looked at me and said " well, that's your cinapek dad for you. a silent mouth but a great big heart"

.....T_T T_T i love my papi.

i cannot imagine life without.

i don't want to imagine that either.

maybe this also explains why suddenly i spend tons of time with my family.

happy father's day to all dads.

p.s// papi you must must must not worry bout me, you must believe me. i will continue to grow and be like the doll that wobbles. picking herself up once down. okay?? T_T

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