Thursday, June 28, 2007

good for inside out?

Lunch edit:
mom bought back "lui cha" for lunch. its just brown rice. chopped veggies and green soup with some minty tatse and thinks i would be happy since her friend and her daughter enjoyed it. and must add this sentence "it's healthy food marh"..i think it's more like just kena conned to pay RM3.50 for some cheapo ingredients. i'm sorry mom but i don't care if everyone says this is good, that is good and whatever is organic is good. PTUI* i tell you what is healthy. a balanced of everything, exercising and LAUGHING. that's healthy -_-

wahahahah.i just took yesterdays leftover meat. peanuts.sauce.eggs. mencampurkannya and it tatses 100 times better. but the matter what i do with it tatse like medicine...maybe cause i added rubbish into it...don't i have cake to makan too. BANZAI: D

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