Saturday, June 30, 2007

Guess what?

Ms.Champion here did not go clubbing in the end cause SHE FORGOT HER I.C.

i'm surprised i survived the night cause

1. no I.C hence no clubbing. i decided to hang out at 40tripleD place until they come back and i can hop on yogi bear's car and hitch a ride back home WITH his long island tea if he insists.

2. at 230am - 3am i got a call saying yogi bear is dead drunk. i have no transport home hence, leaving me in such sticky situation cause i need to be home by 9am the latest cause i have an app. with my mom at 10am. movie at 11.30am.

3. i decided to stay up all night since it was already 330am. Thank God for 40tripleD's dad who in the end pitied me and decided to fetch me home instead of me hitching a taxi back and save ma moolah. the moolah is gonna go to 40tripleD's lunchies. Thank you.

it is now 730am. i havent slept a wink. DESPERATELY tried to keep the convo going with 40tripleD's dad which is so the failing cause my mind cannot function anymore and i was FREAKIN hungry...since i thought they were going to makan but they didn't. had gastric. just makaned. i should apologized to 40tripleD too for finishing half of her chocs which were a souvenier from a friend. sorry dear.

i think...

i think...i don't know how i'm gonna go through today.

i also cannot believe i typed such a long post. i just wasted like...6 minutes of my sleeping time.

Nights amigos

and people who happen to club and drop by here. OH were you guys drunk. i should have stolen the photos from 40tripleD's cam..and omg yogi bear's voice in the background....Lord. if that isn't drunk i don't know what, i'm even surprised he remembers my name.

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