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my long winded reviews

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To Sir With Love

although this isnt a horror flim(it's a thriller) but somehow i can't help it but hide my face behind my hands..thus..i probably saw like what? 20% of the whole screen hahahahahaha. mainly the subtitles part cause i don't understand korean what. It starts off with a gruesome scene, having a young woman and a somewhat old woman the only survivers and it flashes back to what happens, the young woman being the "storyteller". If you are into blood and will probably at least enjoy the killings. May be mild to some, but to me....Ergs*

.can you guess the actual killer?.
It talks bout a primary school teacher, Ms Park(now old and sick) that has a reunion with her elementary students whom she taught 16 years ago. Each has their own bad memory of her cause of her mistreats back then although Ms.Park remembers it differently. They each are all left with psychological trauma and each has a reason to take revenge on her.Also, they show Ms.Park having a deformed son. Soon, the story proceeds with killings and slashings from a killer (think SAW) just that this particular killer wears a "cute" rabbit mask. Eiyer. Eerie. you will never see rabbits the same way ever again. Laughs.
BUT...there's this twisted ending at the end that..must be quite obvious cause i manage to guess it and spoilt it for my mom. All in all, i was scared to death. Mom felt nothing, just like "huh?? how you know "shes" the killer" and yes, a bit the Psycholorhs.And yes, i dont know the "sir" addressed in the title is to whom.Actually in the end, the young woman who survived is the main killer behind everything. the "story/flashback" that the young woman who survived told was all a fake. all the traumatic experiences was not to the students but to her and her alone. truth is,she took revenge to all by poisoning them and brutally killing them in front of the school teacher. and in the end...she kills herself in front of Ms.Park so that she will suffer the rest of her life in ...guilt?...zz O_o

The following 4 movies are the French shows that i manage to catch during the French Festival at GSC. very gila okay. and despite watching so much, nope. no french words from me. oui.

The Science of Sleep (La Science Des Reves)

If you are ths sort of dreamy, childlike person. Chances are you would probably like this film. like me. hahahahaha i loved this film so much, most probably cause of it's one of its kind execution. i don't think it's everyday you see movies that crosses with 'The Nightmare before Christmas" execution. plus the movie had this silly sense of humour that was in tune with my frequency. *laughs* can't really tell the sypnosis as i fear me myself was tad blur.
but basically it's about stephane, who floats in and out of his real life and his "imaginary" one(daydreaming, sleeping, thoughts.etc) sometimes confusing himself with his own reactions. juggling his sucky job and falling in love with his neighbour, stephanie who is into doing arts and crafts. the story blossoms with somewhat cute and "am kuk" situations and sadly, ends with stephane's dream. guess we will never know but it's for the best indirectly.

.this is the song that me and 40tripleD kept laughing at.

La Mome

Set back into the early 1900's, this story is about France's most loved singer, Edith Piaf. Being brought up with hookers, pimps and poverty, soon she was dicovered and sang for only the famous and the rich. Her life ends tragically as she dies of cancer at a young age of 4+ and even at her deathbed she wants to resume singing on stage where it's her love. her life. Her love life is not any better where her lover, a married boxer dies in a plane crash while on the way to visit her. The show also shows you a glimpse of her younger days where she has a child but died of meningitis; a disease that she cured from when she was young. She has this obnoxious, boisterous attitude that got on my nerves.Though it's just her being fiesty and all, i can't help but think that she would make me life miserable if i were to work with her. But as prawn babe put it, despite her attitude she has friends and people who loved her and cared 101% for her.True, but i also can't help feeling maybe she's that way cause of her somewhat lonely life. But who am i to judge a famous singer whom i dont know and well loved? Though the story has captured her life in great cinematography and fabulous acting(the actress was so good that at certain points you really get absorbed and thought she was the lady indeed) Even her singing had changes as if to show progression. ( and i swear her singing is really the geng) All in all it's a good show for an autobiography but somehow it was a bit too gloomy and sad for me. Though sexay chan loved it to pieceslarh...i think i rather catch the book, if there's one.

You are So Beautiful

the show started off by showing a farm and meadows and...our laughter. that's because although the show is read "you are so beautiful" at the ticket counter, mana tau when the title came on screen, the subtitle reads "You are So HANDSOME". Basically this is an old fashion, romantic, light hearted story bout Ayme who owns and runs a farm with his wife. when his wife unexpectedly dies, he has no choice but to look for a new wife through a matchmaking agent in Romania. i guess the title came in when all the wife "candidates" somehow says " you are so handsome" to "captivate" him because women seem to be willing to get married with foreigners just to leave their poverty and of course, the one that did the opposite "got" him instead. Little did he know that Elena, his new wife is going to cahnge him and his life forever. And though this story might be a lillll cliche, a lillll plain, a lillllll "oh it's this type of plot again", i loved this to bits as well (i guess it's the "same old thing that people likes" cliche) and yes, i shed a few tears at the end cause it was just touchinglarh. cannot is it? ... ._.

Fauteuils 'orchestre

Cause of all reviews, this fitted the summary best. i simply can't write a sypnosis cause i can't remember half the cast names. lols, thus credits back to the reviewer.

Catherine, hugely popular (and wealthy) from her long-running television soap opera, longs for glory on the big screen. She prepares to star in a Feydeau farce about to open on the 17th, but despite all her success she wonders if her work has any value or meaning. Jean-François, piano prodigy with an international reputation, is preparing for a major Beethoven recital on the 17th, yet he basically just wants to be alone. Jacques, a businessman turned art connoisseur, has amassed an extraordinary, highly personal art collection, but on the 17th it will all be sold off. Catherine, Jean-François and Jacques have all devoted their lives to art, yet what kinds of lives has art given them? They sometimes cross paths and nurse their neuroses at a café where they are waited on by Jessica, recently arrived in Paris on her own quest for fame and fortune.
though it has not left much of an impact on sexay chan, it has left quite a lot on 40tripleD. she felt it was too hollywood, she felt it was true to the soul. but i loved at one point where Jean-François the pianist says to Jessica, "people understand if you want to quit as a waitress but if i say i want to quit, people don't understand. your life is so wonderful, why quit?" the grass always seem greener on the other side, not. But seriously even though you feel this isn't your cup of tea, watch it to catch a glimpse of France.


Namesake is definately a family movie. Based on a Bengali couple who left India and decide to raise their family in New York, while keeping their traditions from back home. Their children otherwise is sucked by the English culture and live their life differently. The whole show somewhat moves at a moderate pace teaching family values and cross cultures along the way but in a way it wasn't in depth enough to me, somehow it felt like they had no choice but to scan through cause you must know his whole life what has happened kinda thing.
. that will be my face too if i ever go to see the Taj Mahal.
but nevertheless, it still touches one soul where yes, parents do sacrifice everything for thier kids despite them being so stubborn, not understanding, thinking they are old fashioned, thinking they nag too much and yes, it always ends with the children feeling guilty cause they should have seen some light, took in a lil, spent more time with family and sometimes place yourself in their shoes. what is gone will never come back. so enjoy and spend time with your loved ones while you can...well, you don't know how much sadness i felt when they pulled out the preserved dead dad from the hospital cold storage for the son to identify. O_o i think i will go gila.

I don't want to sleep alone.

....This show won so many awards and the reviews and sypnosis were so good in the papers,it went through like God knows how many attempts to get aired here, mom had no choice but to fall into it and dragged me and 40tripleD to watch it with her. Results? The main character is really the mattress i tell you. the mattress that is on the poster. Seriously. Actually the show is about Malaysian backlanes, the life of an illegal worker. the place they live. what actually happens. what actually goes on. plus with added characters's put it this way. a guy gets beaten up at the back alley, bangladeshi worker saved him. chinese fella falls in love with a chinese girl nearby that works for a kopitiam chinese lady that has a vegetable son. the story revolves around them. bangla falls in love with the guy he saves(gaylarh) the guy falls in love with the chinese girl BUT also later has feelings for the Bangla (BISEXUAL). Girl is STRAIGHT while her chinese woman boss tries to ger her close to her son and yes....wants to get intimate with the guy. ARGH* seriuously blur and confused. plus the mattress that travels and appears everywhere in the story.....Oh, although the angles and cinematography was artistic scene can stagnantly last for God knows how long while they show the character or kelefehs either doing nothing or pondering on if to bring in our daily daydreaming doing nothing lives. a show worth watching but not in the cinema....but i guess if you watch DVD you would most prob fall asleep and never see the ending. As my mom quotes "too artistic for me".

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  1. i wanted to buy tickets for to sir with love thinking it was the remake of the classic .. imagine my shock when i saw the poster .. hahahaha