Thursday, June 7, 2007


guess who's back.

back 72 hours early


Oh. hahaha and cause of beve's huggies day yesterday*laughs*: D

i got all kiddish and searched for this.


go play around: D makes me wanna take out my paintbrush and paint on people's tummy *already making up a list* and i thought there was a bear with cupcake on tummy?!! *takde!*T_T

but my brother insist that carebear is called "share bear" though i saw sharebear has lollipops and not cupcake...i think he just got irritated cause i was hogging the comp and saying some mantra " i want eat a lot bear!!!"

" want to eat the bear?"
"i want mum mum bear!!!!!!"

hahaha poor brother, has to stand this kns old old sistah: p


  1. Aww! Ur drawings are really cute!

    Somehow by looking at the drawings itself can already put a smile on my face.

    U want to eat bear?! o.O What kinda bear? Koala?

  2. which is ur fav carebear? (not the best tasting one XD)

  3. Wabbit : Uh* thanks ^^'' i have to go further than this thhough.lolz. uh* actually is eat-a-lot bear..cause theres a bear called love-a-lot replace the love with eat jer O_o

    Ichi: Waahhahahaha. maybe you should ask which one i dont like..then i can answer better ba^^'