Tuesday, June 5, 2007

rainy days

Stupidity of the day
"i thought you brought yesterday's mabukness over to today tim! yesterday i saw Laundry bar the drink empty liaoworh!"
"what..we 3 people share marh, you finished 1 jug of Banghra"
I was like...
"what bangali drink is thatlarh?"

it sucks to be stuck at home catching up with stalled work.

.work doing aeroplane run.

yarh suddenly my pile of work grew a pair of legs and is running faster than i can catch.

it sucks to be stuck at office with rain and no internet as well.

not that i mind a lil slacking or tea-time *Laughs*

but when it happens for 3 times a day it can get a lil frusfrating to off and on.off and on. plus work has been a lilllll frusfrating lately..like i said, it grew legs..i can't suddenly grow another pair of legs so that i can run twice as fast to catch it kan?

anyway, while waiting for rain to subside, 40tripleD finds joy in doing things like STAMPING my notebook and my hands with the company chop or just random chops....i went out that day with a COPY on my arm and another night with a SOLD chopped on me... -_-;;

besides chopping, the next thing would be of course, scribbling...(crapping is 24 hours wan okay and i can't sing cuase the rain will be heavier followed by thunderstorms.what else..)

.can guess kan? hahahaha we like to draw each other ugly:P..ok FINE. mine looks like me.

Scribbling on my NICE notebook is okay*quickly grabs it away and gives my another nice but NOT AS NICE notebook: P)

i guess today was the peaklarh. She was really at the peak of frusfrations and this is the side effects.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
.please wait to see the changes.

..... . . . . . .

Oh.. she's very satisfied by it too and it's gonna be stuck in my book.


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