Thursday, June 21, 2007

shh shh egg

presenting the device that makes my "shh shh eggs!!"
yes. i guess by now at least half of you know what is this shh shh egg i'm talking bout..hahahahahahaha half boiled egg. but i have been brought up with the word shh shh egg for as long as i know! parents and their way of upbringing. it's the same when you say you were brainwashed with "swallow seeds and they will grow in your tummy/on your head" "don't finish your rice and you will get loads of pimples next time" " the green thing in your chendol is made out of worm puss" ergh*

see now? sorry the drawing is too small..-_- shouldn't have zoom to draw it. anyway the hot water comes out from the shh shhh hence the termlarhs. 40tripleD dies whenever i say "shh shh egg!! i love my shh shh eggs!" hahahahahahaha: D

it's been a long time since i ate shh shh eggs cause my mom thinks it's full of virus and everything since it's not cookes. SAD. but i love my sashimi too!!(okay don't come lecturing me bout sashimi and eggs punya viruses..whack you *shows fist*) but tengok!...cause my papi don't want my mom to make noise in the morning since he was the one that provoked me to makan....jengjeng...83% HARDENed YOLKS. wth.

SHH SHH EGGS are supposed to look SHH SHH-ly!!!
i know that sounds wrong but thats the way it should be whats......-_-

...nothing much to see..just my boh song way of poking the yolks...zzzz!!!!!

but never the less, be thankful for what you have*burp* i recalled in high school, people like to eat this with bread or O_o maggi mee in my cup. bread is normal..but mee in my cup..i forgot how they do it( eggs into the cup or take the mee out and put into the eggs) but 5 years of high school...i did not dare to take a bite out of it..hahahaha somehow the guys who always ate them sounds..unconvincing or they have bad facial expressions while eating.


  1. rosie.... @_@ the last pic looks disgusting x_x