Wednesday, June 27, 2007

what is your four letter word?

yesterday i was quite i changed my msn nick to "what is the four letter word?"

then i decided it was a bit harsh, besides feelings always die out after a while(unless something severe like killing or somethinglarhs) plus...if my boss sees my msn name..hahahahaha i'm using the same account for work nia.

don't wanna

"what is your four letter word?"


surprisingly....there are random people who msged me.

don't even remember who are they cause it was like eons ago when i played RO and randomly added people. zz

and jengjengjeng.

countless said LOVE (surprisingly)
a handful replied FUcK(Fook).. i expected this to be more popular, mana tau love took it.
a bundle gave ...SHIT....-_-
few give and take some words, cause they want to guess more after the 1st answer; which is either 3 of the above usually: D

Lost. Long. Book. Fish. Sing. Jump. Blur. Fake. Play.Dots.Bonk?

and then we have......BOOB for 40tripleD. FOOD for me: D

i bet le'mistress four letter word is SHOE. sexay chan is REST. prawn babe is LAME.

and if i tell them what i just typed they will go "DENG"

i love four letter words.

esp. the last few hahahaha: D