Wednesday, July 18, 2007

virus attack

i thought of drawing a nose with mucus coming out but NEVERMIND.

i really wish i have a vacumn that sucks all mucus out.

hmm.. does alchohol cure flu?

anyway i'm on milo now.

i hate milo....-_- to me milo is only for sick people.

and i hate being sick.

minimize all my chances of making noise and irritating people*sigh*

40tripleD is next to me playing "make your avatar" at seriously she's making a whole colony of Er......humanize simpsons -_- and scarily they look like the people she's making.


  1. minum milo jadi sihat dan kuat !!! ahhahahahaha .. get well soon yah if not all the ice creams and chocolates going to feel lonely !!!

  2. rabbit : drink carrot juice? hahas

    anoni : i just ate 3 ice creams yesterday and chocolate today. they dont leave my side: P