Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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it was a normal routine.

i was locking up the front gate as my dad got down from his ngam-ngam parked car.

there was this lady whom i saw walking as we were coming down the street towards my house just now. now that i see her again, i smiled.

she smiled and walked towards me.

"hello, you punya rumah ada baby tak?"
"you tau siapa rumah di sini ader baby?"
i think i was showing a very skeptic look, thus she quickly showed me her ID that was hanging from her neck beneath her tudung.
"i ni mau recommend milk powder bagi babies"
"oh..hmm..i tak berapa taularh"

*spoken in Chinese*
"eh paa you know anyone in our area that has a baby?"
"i dont know! close the gatelarh! why you layaning her?!"

"saya tau no.29 ader baby tapi employer dier lambat balik"
"oh...hmmm" *starts looking around the area while locking up the gate.

then my mom came out to see the commotion.
*spoken in chinese*
"what she wants?!"
"she's asking whether anyone in our area has babies..."
"just close the darn gatelarh! what's wrong with you?! and don't stand so near her!!! you listen understand?!"

i was a bit malu from the reaction of my parents that must have been heard far and wide from the decibels of their voices.
"erm she just wants to give milk powder samples...."
"just close the gatelarh! and come in!"

"erm...sorry yarh... i tak tau.."
gives some weak apologetic smile.
"that's alright..takper"
returns me a "okayyyyyyyyyyy...." smile cause my parents were really at the verge of screaming.
"sorry" while i nodded my head as respect or something.

she waved bye and i locked the gate finally.

once inside i got scolded and sounded. out of concern and carelessness.
"what if they planned to kidnap you?"
"what if they had been stalking these areas for a while already?"
"you don't read newspapers one is it?! not enough rape or kidnap cases is it?"
"where is your common sense?! you do not talk to strangers! you don't know what they will do!"
"what were you thinking?! never worry bout yourself or people who care around you?!"
"do you know by doing that you can become a victim!? you were so near to her!"
"you can never be too careful you understand? better defensive than sorry!"

i felt the comments came coming like some atomic bombs dropped during the war zone.


dead tired from everything that has been happening and accumulating. i just apologized and dragged myself up to visit the loo.

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