Tuesday, August 7, 2007


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girly talking? alamaklah.

mom invited nen nen chan for dinner and we spent almost 3 hours talking. talking bout very rational stuffs and a bit of "patpoh" stuffs of course. that she can't stop me. but everytime the certain question pops up, i can feel myself wondering again.


"huh? yaya i am listening one..."

anywayysss, it amazes me sometimes how much girls can talk. it's as if "hie mouth, meet my mouth! let's become friends".

not that all girls are chatterbox..but majoritylarhs. plus once you get use to someone or the frequency click. what's there not to "pat" about?! : D

i still cannot believe me and nen nen chan spent the whole train journey to Sg talking non stop. happened the same when we came back from SG as well. scary. Le'Mistress was like "wah you both not tired one arh? i listen only i also feel my ears tired"

and sometimes i wonder to myself....will we continue to talk like this for many more years to come? when i was in high school, i always thought we will. we somehow will. but sometimes things change. everything doesn't really stay the same although sometimes you think it's the same.

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