Thursday, August 2, 2007

*rush hour 4.7c*

11pm update:
random photos: D
the ice cream that took me hm...i don't of 3 minutes to get it?: D: D: D the only regret was not buying the bigger tub.. but i was broke!!! no choicelorh T_T plus i was supposed to be on a*Small tub will do larh* ._.

"let's not raise the price! lets cut the portion" said chili's marketing/CEO (whoever big shot who came up with this brilliant planlarh) kanasai -_-

when i was young, i always always wanted a photostat machine at home cause knowlarh, last minute you go "oh shit i need to photostat this!" to find out that it past 10pm and ...hmm jialatlarh...but now erm...this machine is for work purposes and this only means.. more work. LOL -_- but whoever who wants to photostat and it's past 10pm, you know where to go larh hars : p
anyway, my dear kns brother is having his holiday right now...ahh student life T_T *uh-hm* he suddenly had this "api membara-bara" thingy. you know the "young fire!!" or is it...teenage fire...anythinglah. he just wanted to kill time and he got syiok sendiri after the fact they baked a cake for his friend birthday party....where the cake *uh-hm* could not be taken out from the tray....*laughs* so off to SOULED OUT, they brought the cake...stuck on the tray. kns -_-''

it was at first the "jie you don't kacau!" cause i was busy video taping him. 1st time my brother is baking okay. no playplay! after 5 minutes...
"jie where's the vanilla essence?"
"where's the bowl?"
"where's the shift?"
"help me do this 1st!"
"oh shit! i dropped the butter into the water!"
"oh crap! too small this bowl cannot fit!"
etcetcetc. ..kanasai. -_-
then it was the
"chocolate...250 grams..."
"huh? where's the recipe?"
"no need wan larh! it's all in my head"
the last time my dad said this while he was baking...the outcome was...let's just say i swear assassins will buy it to kill their enemies/targets -_-
"..your headla in your head"
"okay..where was i....250 grams.....nvmlar..taruk 310grams!"
obviously once he turned around, i ate 10grams of chocolate off the spot. ahahahahhaahah: P
"shit! jie!!! don't steal the ingredients!!!"
but i swear, licking off the final dough from the mixer bowl...the cake/cookie type...really nice: D

on top of all that, he poured the finale into the tray ready for baking. my mom has trays where the bottom is "pushable", so he asked
"ma....will leak a not wans?!"
"won't la! why will?"
after 5 minutes
"eh...why burning smell?"
it was leaking out from the tray and smoke was coming out from the oven cause the leaking stuff were burning.
"OMG FASTER COOK!!!!!!hardened already then won't leak..argghh!!"

this is the final product where there is an overdosage of chocolate. cashew nut and everything else including butter... mom was like "world's most fattening brownie"
nen nen chan was like.."biscuit?"
40tripleD looked at it and asked "why so shiny wan?"
overdosage of eggslar ni *laughs*
and my mom actually used a bit to catch the mouse..but did not work my brother bawled
"the mouse doesn't want my brownieee!!!! T_T"
"hmmm maybe it's on a dietleh?"

after all the baking. comes the cooking. mom went for a gym celebration the day after the baking day. i thought he's gonna tarpau like usuals. but no....he was cooking when i called him to ask whats for dinner....imagine.. my brother's 1st time cooking (my 1st time was so bad everyone banned me from cooking anymore...what's with people banning me from cooking and yet dissing me saying i cannot cook! shiong tims?!! want cook also cannot. cannot cook also cannot.pifts*)
anyway, he cooked prawns and was butter prawn and the other was nestum prawn somemore... Laughs* and the sotong wasn't fully cookes -_- for a 1st timer it was really not bad.. but no one expected...from my normal family kakis, thats like 5 people excluding my mom who wasn't in. nen nen chan. 40tripleD. my brother's 4 friends. that's heck a lot of people who tried his 1st time cooking and all had the same question.

"can eat a not wan this one!?"

guess what. he's cooking AGAIN this saturday.

ah we will survive: P

40tripleD guessed that his girlfriend must have said something like " i find guys who can cook extremely sexay"

Laughs*: D

got class. talk laters!!!: D i must! my photos are taking up gigabytes! -_-!
p.s// anyone wants their book scribbled. gimme!!!** 40tripleD and me will gladly do it: P


  1. waaaaaaah... satu lakaran yang memang cantik...

  2. ya.. ur drawings very cute~~

    and ur did so rajin hor... cook for u all.. haha.. very good edi lo.. better than those boys at home da kei only everyday...

    good good~~