Wednesday, September 5, 2007

big day out


just reached home*plonk*

i learnt few things today.

1. i need a watch. all of our handphones died at the very moment the show was going to start.....-_-thus no clock, thus i was checking like every second to make sure i did not miss any timing.

2. even if you don't know your facts right. cause things might change at the last minute and i don't know head. don't know tail. no matter what, don't frown and stammer like some idiot. even though the answer " i will have to get back to you, i have to reconfirm with 40tripleD"(cause it's her function indirectly, i was just going along for...i don't know..laughs..learning?) sounds stupid and might as well they ask her in the first place. don't freaking look like you are lost and from another dimension-_-

3. dare to speak up. do not let them bully you. my fault larh ni-_- but weirdly, it paid in the end of the night. the fish with mussels....rocksss : D: D: D

4. smiling.nodding and shaking everyone's hands is actually pretty tiring..and very "virusly" hahahaha: D

5. making small talk is the start of everything-_-'' and one of the most difficult thing to do on the other hand.

6. BUY A FREAKIN DECENT FLAT SHOE. wahlau. high heels don't do any justice man. my feet are deadlorh. i cannot feel my last 2 toes for both feet. when i put my feet down, the tapak hurts so bad and my right tapak feels as if there is a blister until numb di. every step i took was so painful that i was walking like some penguin walking on hot stones or something. it was sooo painful that i shed a few tears at the "resting area" and the oil on my face stung my eye making more tears drop..until one waiter saw and pitied me-_-'s my feet.....sweat.

7. i guess it's my fate that i will always kena bully..this is diff. from reason no.3...-_- as i was standing at the sides near the kitchen. this waiter who i have seen a few times me the food that was being served and gimme that KNS LOOK. the " i know you want it" plus a : D face........i don't know whether i should whack him at that very moment.

8. 40tripleD is the best: D she tahaned all my lapsap qns. we scrapped through the day and poor goldfish, here we are suffering, she too was suffering hahahahaha: D we managed to survive(though i had a few mistakes T_T) and we will survive T__T

it's a big day today. hopefully we don't screw up-_-'
time flies so fast too. i better sit down and re-think of my path.

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