Thursday, September 13, 2007

IQ kills you

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watched "Black Sheep".

ever since the "phish" says it's damn geli. i did not want to watch it. why spend RM10 on something that is gonna make you puke? but my mom kena conned by newspapers reviews (again) thus my brother borrowed the DVD home after he watched it over at his friend's house. he says it is really gross and we won't feel like eating anything after that cause i was complaining i was hungry.

well...-_- my verdict is yes, it might be gross and a bit like "wth?" while the quality of the DVD is clear, i can't say the same bout the subtitles and audio. almost died reading and listening all the wrong things. anyway, storyline was dead straight. predictable to the maximum. however, maybe cause my tv is a bit the small larh compared to the cinema(okay damn smalllar) so i did not feel as much impact. how can you esp. when your mom says things like "eh, why when they bite got like chewing gum?"

"ma that's their intestine"

to me it was like watching "happy tree friends" live version-_- i was actually laughing at some point cause it was just ridiculous....and i really like how the human sheep looked like. felt so anime-ish: ) all in all, just don't watch it if you don't like gross stuff or nonsensical stuffs. it might happen but naaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh: P(oops?)

oh btw, i was hungry after the show-_-''

my brother damn semangat "jiejie!! see IQ questions!"
which both of us were like "okay..what??" i googled it down when he was asleep and surprisingly i found the site that gives the answer to ALMOST all the questions in his paper....-_- whatla!!!!!!!!!! zzzzz. so beh tong!

and the worse part is finding out the answer i guessed was wrong and his was right T_T ceh. but okaylarh..i managed to guess like...2 rights? ahahahah-_- i am so not IQ savvy...besides the picture IQ qns are easier i feel. and some of the questions are not applicable here.

For example.
A man leaves home one night & drives over a mile to meet a friend for a drink. When the man arrives home, the clock shows a time only five minutes later than when he left. How is this possible?
Hint: There is nothing wrong with the clock, & it consistently shows the correct time.

I don't know what are your guesses. but the answer was like...The man left his house just before the clocks were set back 1 hour for daylight savings time in the fall. His wife set the clock to show the correct time....-_-

i don't think this would cross our minds since we do not have fall here. besides my answer was "He came back the next day,5 minutes later then the time he left previous night" hahahahaha-_- sorrylarh. best lamest answer i can squeeze out from my pea brain.

but of all questions i like the following: P

Augustine and Justin were found dead in an old mansion in Egypt. There was no sign of murder and no damage was seen around the house. There was a broken bowl near them. How did they die?

kuakuakua. Let's exercise our brains before we start work?: D: D


  1. they are corpses that died ages ago. cuz it's Egyption mansion i guess. some more old what. HOHOHOHO

  2. Aiya, I bought the DVD, not watch yet.....

  3. fizah : *LAUGH* wah like that also can? actually....they are(were) fishes. the broken bowl is their FISHBOWL. break edi. water spills. thus die: P: P

    monkey: : D: D well...better watch on BIG screen!!~