Monday, September 3, 2007

kyu ju kyu

no prizes for guessing how is my test: D

i thought i would do really badly as the 30% conversation was reallyreally bad. i was "stoning" and though i understood whatever she was asking. i was talking gibberish. she had to correct me on some of my conjunctions T_T but in the end she gave a 30/30. i think it's indirectly a "cheat" mark...but i guess everyone else got a 30 too.....maybe she counted the overall term talking thing...-_- i can talk and answer pretty fair in class..but when it comes to a one to one room you know how a robot looks like? that was how i looked like.

zero emotion...stoned look -_-

and i was being too honest and was being the usual kns chatterbox self...that lead to more questions...and yes, getting harder to answer cause i did not know how to explain that my workplace is a house turn office....hahahha-_- ownself find

i may look happy like the above but i was SO FREAKED OUT before the don't know how freaked i was....freaked until...i freaked everyone else. LOL. -_- sorry-desu. but all's well: D i made a very silly mistake..but....nvm: D: D: D i was at the brink of worrying that i would fail so..did not expect much.

at the end of the day, we listened to utada hikaru-first love(i think it's a tradition in ICLS-_-) to write the lyrics down and sing it later on. can die desu. dahlarh slow song, still can't read the words on time and furthermore damn hard to sing the song-_-

finished off the day yumcha-ing at Starbucks: D
talked and talked and talked. what a nice remedy after exam and during rain.
and no one believes me when i say " i was forced to come learn jap." hopefully my stubbornness will carry me throughout the course*laughs*

now that i have drank too much tea.....i can't sleep-_- sigh.

i am a happy person. yes i am.*rushes off to text someone*: D

p.s// Though a lot are continuing with the next level. Farah isn't. It's sad the fact that everyone has warmed up and the class can only get better*RIGHT?* and she has to go all the way to London to study-_- you do not stop a friend from doing what she wants but on the other hand, the friendship has to "end" as fast as it has started.The class is going to be pretty quiet without her laughter and sounds with willy. Hopefully 1 year ain't that long and thank God for msn and facebook.

P.s//*CLICK*cause i am gonna brainwash you to watch jap movies


  1. ooohhh.. congrats on such a high marks

  2. thank you.i did not expect it either: D