Sunday, September 9, 2007

red compliments green

can't really imagine myself walking around looking like a light up christmas tree though.continued my Cleo. did not go for yoga-_- could not wake up at all.

it is apparently "Green Month"!

but i bet half the people prefer this green!: P

Went for Korean food today. It's called Korea House at SS2. It is opposite the row of bridal shops. The food was really not bad plus the service was good(they help you bbq! though my brother preferred doing it himself laughs) although the people there looked like gangsters. Laugh. we went there cause dear brother was dying for BBQ and thought of going korean instead of the usual Jap. Beef tongue is better to go for Jap cause it is marinated in sauce for Jap style but lemon for korean(this is acc. to my brother, i just could taste the diff. but God knows what made it) but for Beef Ribeye, you guys can come back here : D it was THICK compared to Jap: D the pork meat was sweet though.

Korean food is never cheap coming at RM5 per bowl of rice: D but the again, you can always call less cause they always come with these tons of side dish which are refillable : D and somehow the tea had a hint of coffee taste in it. i loved the bibimbap and the kimchi soup: D and the steam egg. it taste better than cawanmushi(am i going to convert?!!) it comes free with the bbq: D: D : D all in all, it was worth a try for this shop : D another one would be at Mt.Kiara area if i wasn't wrong...anyway no pics cause i had no cam. not even phone and my drawing would do no justice T_T

oh. as all of you know, my brother is a "tong nasi"(fan tong)
he ate 2 bowls of his "virgin" rice and he was still unsatisfied(certified ah pek ni)
so i had no choice. When my bibimbap came, i scooped out the rice that was underneath all the veggies to give it to him. the waiter saw what i was doing and said"miss, you have to mix it first"

"thanks..i know...i mean"

........-_- aiks. misunderstood tim.

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