Tuesday, September 18, 2007

what is your identity

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my family loves to gather around to watch the 7pm gameshows on NTV7. with no etiquette or whatsoever, we will hold our dinner plates while sitting on the living room floor and screaming whatever answer we have.

the current gameshow is "IDENTITY".

i don't know why but we find it fascinating just to guess along and scream our answers as loud as...let's just say my neighbours were asking what we were watching since the football fever is long gone.and it gets more and more interesting esp. when it is reaching it's peak cause it is really hard to guess.

like hello. how we would know who has donated kidney before?! -_-''

but seriously speaking.. if they would make a malaysian version, i can imagine it to be the hardest game ever cause malaysians all look the same despite what job we actually do. seriously. either that or we usually do not dress up to the job scope.
walao freakin pissed. emotions are hard to control

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