Friday, September 14, 2007

wo he ni wen bieeee

"leeeeii Heooonngggg lannnnn!!!!!"
"eiyer..gok jiek chisin wan"(that wan is crazy)

that one would be me-_-''

i know the existence of Jacky Cheung but frankly speaking, i don't know any of his songs unless the ones that 40tripleD sings over and over again during karaoke.Imagine a banana at his concert!!!!! the seat was kinda near too!!!!*wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* and weirdly we got interviewed by some chinese magazine as well-_-

it was really insane!!!! maybe if you are a seasoned "concert person", this may not be the best but to me, as it is my first.,it was really good: D kinda like a MASSIVE KARAOKE session with Jacky. plus at the end of the day, i learnt half his songs. realized i actually know his songs just did not know the songs were his. had a total new respect for not only singers, but everyone who is involved cause i know how much work was being done beforehand to get the whole show running smoothly(ahhhT_T veryvery charm wan backstage) found out Jacky is very lame*LAUGHS*

actually i have a WHOLE lot to say. but i am just waiting for the photos!!next time i am bringing my camera everywhere i go-_-' and of course manymany thanks to my boss for the tix: D
i am goinggggg to his concert!!!!: P

cause we had tix *laughs* it will be my 1st concert: D

p.s// i did not bring my camera T_T