Sunday, October 14, 2007

furniture hunting (again?!)

"wah dad!! hahahah your bar counter found!!"
*LAUGHS* my dad RARELY laughs wholeheartedly suddenly
"dear, you know jockey? that is a jockey stand..counter. whatever you call it. not a bar counter"


don't feel like following them anymore-_- Bleah. and my parents are like the most GILA people ever..after scouting few MILLION(feels like it) shops...sofas come in a range of RM3.5k - RM3.8k(once discounted)...they found the exact(or somehwat) look alike sofa for RM2k -_-'''

"are you sure they won't cheat you? why so cheap?"
"they say no businessmarh.. and they won't cheatlarh, it is all from the same kilang! so free cheat you meh"
"how would you know? maybe they i don't know....."zou sau geok"?"
"....aiya..don't tell me cheap then got problem, expensive won't is it?! like that you earn the extra RM1.8k for the expensive sofa that looks like have no "sau geok" donelarh"

....-_-bottom line is : do not question parents.


and the marble.
normal pricing "RM77"
dad's friend is a supplier "RM70"
what they manage to find..."RM11"
-_-''' gila cheap..maybe got problem ni.

the tiles
normal pricing "RM2.50"
dad's friend "RM1.80"
what they manage to find "RM1.50"


i wonder how much petrol and time has been used. but yarh i know, we are not buying one darn a lot of tiles. SWEAT.

and furniture positioning is tiring....because the room is weirdly it is smaller than our current room...we proposed plan 1 from the beginning we saw the room...that was like...many months ago. cause mom wants to reconfirm the placing so that she can get the cupboard measurements and stuff..we went back there for a reconfirmation on space.

after a whole long hour of measuring and arguing what goes where. where goes where. what where. everythinglarhs.....BACK TO PLAN 1 cause i re-proposed it suddenly and my dad went "Oh can also!" and my brother went "ARGH!! that was our initial plan!! then you guys change it cause this and that what?!"

"yes arh? forgot"

HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH i was laughing over our stupidity. but my brother was going to have a donkey kong fit: D

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