Wednesday, October 3, 2007


we were about to enter the office when an old car pulled over.

the old man who was inside started speaking really fast in canto. so fast that i thought he was possessed or something at first until i caught the words "money" "hosp"

and he started sobbing.


of course we just stoned there. he needed money in order to pump petrol so that he can go to the hosp. to pick up someone(his wife or something)he stays/works nearby and he will return the money asap. i had zero cent. 40tripleD had RM57.

We could have given him the RM50 but it was too much of a risk.Although he was sobbing but you do not know what is the real deal sometimes. Sexay chan was in the same situation last time with the similar "money" "accident" "will return the money". Of course the man did not return her RM50.

so we went down to find Boss no.2. Boss no.2 was just staring at us with the "that's what they allllll say". 5 seconds upon going out to verify the story, he came back running down saying "i think he is for real"

He only had RM10.the rest were in fifties as well. that makes a grand total of RM17 we had.

-_-'' still we handed it out to him to have him answering me"can you help me more please, i really need money..i am going to Seremban" look was like "omg wth?"

"how much do you exactly need. Seremban is kinda far"(DUH what am i sayinglarh)
"just a lil bit more, please i am really in need, i have to go to the hosp now...."*sobbing*
"okay hold on...."....running down i was like"bossssss he needs to go Seremban! he needs more cash,do you have any more cash?"
".....i dont have, i only got fifties...i am not his banker you know!"
"...well, are you gonna tell that to him..?"(then i notice that i was being rude)"i mean is there a way i can break the news nicely to him?"
sighing in desperation, he went out to see what he could do.

the old man was gone.

i will never know whether the fact that we did not help put him into "trouble" or we just saved ourselves from getting cheated.


  1. Old man also can be cheats so be careful. If I was in the same situation I would offer to pay for petrol and follow him to the petrol station. I don't mind helping but I just don't trust people with cash.

  2. that i think bout come i did not lean over his window to check his petrol whether it is really empty. but at that point watching him cry is really....shows that i cannot act rationally when there are emotions involved-_-'