Thursday, November 15, 2007

and so it resumes

After a short hol(more like a week), jap class starts! new sem. new terms. more notes. more words. more confusion. more memorization. more homework. more determination. less students. same ol' pretty*cough* cute *cough* young*cough* sensei(teacher).

i still cannot believe she made that uber kns joke end of last term.

"whom wil be our next sem's teacher?" Rebecca asked.
"etoh neeeh..."
"...i hope it's you lorh sensei"
"well, you will be getting the prettiest teacher...the youngest...." at this point the "old farts" that was in her class previously aka me, Stephanie and George(the noisy trio) started giggling. "the cutest..the kindest..the nicest......" sensei continued while looking up into the ceiling with a slight smile visible at the corner of her mouth"
"WHO IS THAT?!" Rebecca suddenly burst, "tahaning" no more.
" : P"

damn lame la. Thank God we have her if not i would have quit longlong time ago. Language is sooooo not my profession-_- i don't know how others do it, i feel with every class, every part of my brain is being juiced to the maximum and it must be constantly fed if not i would to sure forget-_-'

surprisingly, despite how much i hate learning(fufufu) i love and enjoy the class, i will make sure at any how i will really study to finish the whole course, with that in the future i don't have to look up to read subtitles anymore. hahahahahaha: P (i was youtubing Hard Gay at work, just listening while replying mails-_- i manage to understand few words or just his "hoooooooo~!!" i laughed damn loud cause i was on headphones and my boss just stared at me with the "" look of the century.)

anyway she was teaching us the "na i" form today.

"na i" form basically means "don't" ....

so e.g
shi n pa i shi na i de ku da sa i - please don't worry

it's much more complicated if i go in depth(i am no teacher..-_-). but basically she wants us to understand and so she was testing us like

"can i switch off the aircon"
and you have to answer
"no, please so do not switch it off as it is hot"

something like so.

sometimes she goes gila and she will imagine she is walking a dog....or she suddenly sat on my friend's lap which resulted in chips flying everywhere cause the packet was on her lap and it fell(lucky it did not burst)

so we were like "laughing" over the chips thingy cause it was funny(it was funny at that moment) and when i turn around i got this.

her hands were near groping touching my boobs....

i was stunned. stoned. every word to describe a stone sitting stupidly there. that's me.

"huh?!!!!" i gasped
her hands came closer. she repeated her question and the hands came closer some more....

"er er er!!!"
"OMG for goodness sake just giver her the damn nai ans!!!" i can hear stephanie almost near to screaming beside me.
her hands inch in even closer

so i said out loud


i don't know how loud everyone laughed....okay i know-_-

but i turned 10 shades of red -_-''

definately. cause i felt it and sensei commented on it.

and i Thank God the whole class consists of females and the only male is married and definately jimui-ish.


did i say i love this class?!!! *faints*


  1. qiki chan~~~! you're goin for jap classes now ar? eee... how come i didn't know geh @.@ never hear you speak a word also when we hang out =P i wanted to learn ages ago but alwitz procrastinating so never did *shrug* details details plz i wan know uh (msn me hor) arigato *bow slightly* =P

  2. etohneh..hahahah now you mai know lorh: P i am not good in talking, it is not that simple with all the grammar but anyway you always hear me say jap wad. i think the word "baka" comes up quite frequently: P i will msn you kays: D