Friday, November 16, 2007

d'lish delights

right after reading, i nudged sexay chan on MSN.

assuming she is damn free from her usual "graphic designer's don't have a life" hectic life....*uh-hm* why assuming? i keep getting facebook messages popping out at the bottom right hand corner of the monitor from her-_-'

"eh you alwayssss say the salad from D'lish is good. how come you did not say anything bout desserts?! desserts are very important okay?! who cares bout salad"
"huh? i thought they were just cupcakes. and not cheap you know. RM7 lidat for one"
"but i read that they are going at 50% off after 9pm. go buylar!!!: D"
" think i am your who?!"
"aiya!!! your workplace 5 minutes away from MV marh. you want me to drive there, i don't know whether i reach before MV close a not tim-_-"
"whatlarh pay is it?"
"Er..OKAYLARH! you buy i pay!"
"...mmm but then go in also need to pay parking ley"
"..-_-. canlarhh. just give me the receipts for the cupcakes and the parking if you do happen to buy them tonightlarh! okayokay?!"
"wahahahha ms.ramli(her new kns nickname for me) paying for dessert"

at 830pm
"i at mv now. ahahahahaha~: P work ended at 830pm so might as well"
"wah so late?"
"nolarh ,we were all playing facebook! i tell you that kns TowerBloxx game...."

at 1030pm
"ehhhh!!!! you both started without me!!!!" pouts* " i went banking for a while only"
"yoularh, drive so slow, your mom cannot tahan already hahaahhaaha"

apparently their signature dish or something like that...should be toffee cause it was so the sweet. and after a night in the refrigerator. it was so the hard!!!! -_- veryvery hard!!! *i think if i throw at someone, the person would get a slight bruise*

raspberry cheese with chocolate!!! huaaaaaaa~: D: D chun! i like this. i practically ate the whole thing. though i don't know why sexay chan said it was blueberries-_-*points at colour* how can be blueberries?! Sweats.......but wtheck, i like raspberries!! i like FRESH raspberries! freakin expensive followed by fresh cherries-_-'

this was soooooo chocolatey that i thought i went into choco land after a bite. it's like the chefs(bakers?) were saying "eh we have too much chocolate and they are going to expire, just pour everything in larh!"

damn pekat ok?! ahhahahaha: P
this one is...........i don't know. it tasted like whatever is written above. hahahahaha-_-' it was alright. i just cannot take the tatse of butter. assuming it is was like..ergh. eating oil at some extend....-_-' but otherwise *chomp* scrapes out butter *chomps*

thissss has cinnamon, thus sexay does not like it. thus more for me!( i don't care whether my usage of 'thus' is misused-_-') actually i kinda like the orange carrot on is like some sugary chewy thing...that i think most people will pass it to me yarh: D kuakuakua.

sexay chan said some people were actually walking in and out of the place waiting for 9pm to strike. some were already choosing at the counter. she did not expect so many people to come flowing in at 9pm to buy thus she had to get up from her seat fast from being left out. by the time it was her turn, practically almost everything was gone.

"funny, how did so many people know? there was no advertisements also"

i just laughed and ate another bite of the raspberry cupcake.

"so......will you go buy again on monday?" i thickskinly asked.

p.s// actually when i first saw the cupcakes, i had the shock of my life. there were HUGE-_- to me it is kinda huge...or maybe cause i did not expect much and i already had dinner..and ice cream...-_- aiya who cares. after a bite, i know why now it is priced at RM7++. they were like pekatpekat. at 50% it is worth it lorh-_-''' just compare with a slice of cake from secret recipe at RM5.60?(is it?) and this at 50% is yarh, after a while you don't know what cake to eat at Secret Recipe right? *hums*

but you will have to like....rush with the many people at 9pm larh laughs. i wonder how long will this last.

anyway, i am just prob. letting it out cuase .i.don't.know.for.what.reason. Secret Recipe no longer serves the Chocolate Marshmallow cake T_T longlong time ago they stopped it and cause Secret Recipe,the founder was the nephew of La Manila, worked there and came out with all the recipes to open Secret Recipe*bleah*

scary thought.

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