Saturday, December 29, 2007

good moms, bad moms, they are just moms doing thier best

today i witnessed a real life scenario in a shoe way

i wanted to get slippers and the guy went to get the other side of the slippers cause it was the last pair. the other side was still on display. while i was pointing to the salesman that i wanted the pair. another girl and her mom was there as well eyeing the same pair.

"tat wan last pair wor"

the girl's mom heard and so she took the other pair as the daughter wanted it. they took it to try. i was by now holding the other pair of slipper that the man gave to me.

you know the feeling when you stand there in the midst of a 12-13 year old girl, the type that 'the mom doesnt let her do 1001 things cause it is not a proper girl thing to do and whatever mom does is the best for you' type of girl? she was trying on the slipper as she was wearing shoes.

her mom who was being "if my girl wants it, she gets it"

my mom who was keeping quiet cause she has passed the phase of helping your daughter and your daughter at a double digit age should know how to kaotim herself and that every action she does is now her own responsibility and she has no right to say anything even if the result was not what she wanted cause she asked for it.

i stood there in the midst of all these emotions surrounding me...

went to the daughter and gave her to try the other side. she just smiled back at me.

i guess she liked it cause her mom went to pay for the slipper. all the while knowing i gave in the slipper cause she was there as well. not saying a word. not giving me a single gesture of thanks. as she was paying, the sales guy was stopping her saying " sorry, but this girl took it first. she has the upperhand of whether she wants it a not, although your daughter tried it"

well..vincci workers rocks? hahahahahahahaha

but at that very moment, i just went " nvm, she can have it"

her mom just had the " SEEE, she said it wan ar. not my problem."

and my mom had the "WHAT? are you stupid?! you have been wanting that slipper for so long. now you are giving it away?!"

at that moment....well...i just have to find another slipper obviously. what do you want me to do? since it has been done, some things you just cant go..oh sorry...and i just cant go regretting as i know there will be other slippers out there but seeing my fussy style it is going to be very long before i find something i really want or willing to pay for.

it striked me where..mothers really go all the way to get something...Laughs

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