Thursday, January 17, 2008

it's that time again!!

o m glarh. jap exams are here again. this time really unprepared-_- and how time flies! ouch*

wanna pengsan edi. *runs amok*

brains save meeeee.

yarh i know i have not been blogging. so much work to do!! agh* that's March.

40tripleD will be launching her new career. hahahah okay. she will be taking courses at 95%, her small baby steps to become a copywriter.

i....i will just have more free time by then. huhuhu. not free...just..a little bit more free...better than nothing : P


  1. Qiki~!!! why u delete ur chat box =(... now so ma fan have to click here there up down left right... =( lol...

    update more interesting stuff laaaa =X... i lazy read a lot =X

  2. ST.. Ganbatte!! If u dunno who I am, I'm the person you and eelyn conned today into thinking you're getting married on the 16th of march.. >.> Anyways, I've just realised that the link for my blog in your site is the old one.. the new one is I'm shutting down the old one now so change the link la..