Tuesday, March 4, 2008

as time go by

it has been almost erm..lemme see....1 1/2 months since i last posted? so long ago!! considering it was sometimes 2 posts a day. i still write though, either they are all saved under drafts or i just turn to my pen and book style cause after a whole day of facing the comp, the last thing i need...is the comp staring back at me. *laughs*

and it IS getting funny when i go out and my real life friends ask how come i did not update my blog/stop blogging. oei! you guys are my friends!! ader telepon untuk aper?(what's the use of the phone) besides, i think you all hear from me a lot through MSN also riiiighhttt? (shows innocent look, actually long time since i MSN-ed as well)

anyway, just to make it up, last date i posted was....17th Jan. On the 17th Feb....i...got....into...an....accident.

yes. ms.bulat *ka boom bang* a car....or more like the car collided me...okay collide is such a strong word..more like "bump"? hahahahha-_- it was a small bump....it was...i guess indirectly it IS my fault cause i was talking about gym to 40tripleD that we both were so caught up in the conversation i forgot to put my signal that i wanted to park and ..."bump" it is.

the guy was a young malay guy who was on the way home after prayers....nothing serious happened and the guy's parents said it was alright and there was no need for any reports made or whatsoever.

i was just being happy, thinking "thank God"..or thank Allah. whichever works. but imagine my shock when i told people and they were like "What? he did not give you your I.C, how come you did not ask for it?"
"well...I did...but he like never write and 40tripleD said it was my fault and i should give for formality, it is not important for him to do so?"
"...you two never bang car before arh?" ( i do not know which kns friend said this-_- want us to die arh, seasoned car bumpers is it you...and need to band car to know wan meh?! in my case yeslarh...me and her both T_T)

anyway the top rated answer i had was..
"i think you got away cause the guy was prob driving underagelarh!!! can ask for y our I.C but cannot give his! what else"

.....what country am i living in larh-_-

anyway, have been really busy....i just started working part time...but i do not know why i feel even more work-_-'' as if in the end of the day i do not see the diff working full or half-_- maybe i work too slow. oh well.

have been caught up with this!!!!!!! it takes around 40 minutes to finish all the currently 26 episodes!(nah! busy also must spare timelarh, just go to the toilet less!) so cute can die. got it from an ex-classmate's blog: D

must watch okay!!! it is about 2 rabbits in a jail and later escaped for...well-_- you will see... for a silent cartoon, it gets better/funnier/lamer with every episode (so please bear the 1st 5 episodes cause it is not as funny as the later ones. trust me)

i love the red rabbit: D: D though the green one is stupider. i really love watching it and omg, the artwork is like *o* shingshing!!*

neumeister has all 26 episodes: D

either you wiki Usavich or click Kanaban Graphics the people behind it(makes you feel like joining them T_T) Click on the tab "works" and view the other cartoons(anime?) they did. Equally good and this Official Website is their official web.

till i get my life sorted out: D

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