Tuesday, August 19, 2008

eppy 23rd!! *whacks the old man on the back*

my dear kelvin is 23 today.

if i were to start a story on how i know kelvin, it's gonna take a whole lot of typing to do. so...to cut the whole thing short. Thanks to SS2, EITP gym :p

"so! what cake do you want?"

"i don't want any cake. don't feel like eating one"

"...you must!!!! * I * want to eat!!! don't make me put candles on the ikan bakar later!"

"...can also!! sounds okay what"

"...don't be stupid. answer me, what cake!?"

"any cake is fine...really.... okay...chocolate"

"....ooh!! so one cake alright?"

"no...1 slice."

"....you serious?"

"yes. if you want to eat then you buy 2 slices"

"............................wth sentence is that?! then since you want a slice. i buy more expensive one ok. you want choc cake from Delicious or what?"

".....no. that is too much. i want the normal type"

".....i have never eaten normal choc cake. define that please."

"..what do you mean. i simply throw a stone at SS2 i also can find a normal chocolate cake. why can't you?"

"....cause i can't! where the hell to buy?!"

*baffled* "..Bread Stores?!"


"ya......why not."

*unhappy cause *I* want to eat a good, rich, expensive cake*

"...WELL, i might get to find it since i have never bought normal choc cake"

"...Well, just call me then. i'll go and buy it myself."


shows white flag and hangs up phone to search for a normal sponge cake -_-

normal Chocolate sponge cake.

imma going to De'lish .DON'T CARE.


erm..in the end i bought a Blackforest cake from Bread Story.....well...did not taste like Blackforest at all. tasted like chocolate.

normal chocolate sponge cake.

and guess what. surprisingly it was good. maybe once in a while, normal chocolate sponge is good..*laughs*

and no that was not meant to be "self-consoling" okay. bleah

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