Thursday, January 29, 2009

home sweet home

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and imma back from malacca as well.
few hundred photos. few tens of videos.
and a soon to be overworked-and-overused photoshop *laughs*

can't a girl post a photo that looks least like her?
hahah good angle :D
bad camwhor-er partner.
boo to dota

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

it's just between you and me.

friendship is supposed to be simple, honest and true.
it's this inside understanding between both parties when to give, when to take. when to play, when to be serious. when to respect, when you have to let go.
need not for announcements. need not to boast. need not to ask for acknowledgement.
knowing that both are appreciating one another in their own lil ways is enough between both parties to understand that they are thankful for one another.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

being cowfully bodo

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omg this is damn lame. full stop.
i extracted it from our super long convo-_-
that's why some parts were a bit off..but you get the "cow-ism" of it.

bodolat's going back penang to celebrate CNY! yumyum. kueh chap!!Till then :D
muarks to all my bodos

happy early CNY. dongdong chiang **
eat only diet, kapish?

on a side note, more sharing food with you when you're sick-_- you're the 1st person that can contaminate me considering i have good antibody. now i have to find a victim to spread the "love flu"-_-

Friday, January 23, 2009

it's here again

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in 9 hours i will be hopping onto my dad's car on the way to penang.
balik to kg.pisang wei :D
last year did not balik cause we just shifted and mom decided to "hoi chiong" (open house) at home. this year no freaking reason not to go back penang *laughs* long grandmother story why my mom does not want to go back.

i'm not looking forward yet i am at the same time. yea. it's one of those love hate relationship. i want to go back and see..whatever's there to see (d'oh) and esp. eat whatever i can (most important thing during CNY , some more penang wei!) but on the other hand, i realized how much i wanna stay back in KL to go pai nin T_T cause there's seriously nothing to do in penang (another long grandmother story what happened to half my family there)


anyway, pai nin means you go out with a plastic bag of oranges....visit friend no.1. after passing the oranges to them, confirmfirm you get back oranges but in a diff plastic bag lar...(don't care they used their own oranges or they recycled yours)

move on to friend no.2. same cycle. friend, no.5, no.6, no.7..and so forth. you can go to 20 houses and come back with a packet of oranges. if you're lucky some cookies and peanuts. hahahahaha :D chinese culture very the farnys wan larh aiyoyoyo

till i come home on Monday, update at

Thursday, January 22, 2009

this is INSANE.

just when i made up my mind to re-blog here.
simultaneously i have 4 other blogs to update excluding this.
if i can update all....i tell you
my name now is no longer ms.bulat
giler bertul

oh. it also means i have no life hahaha-_-!!!

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and buying these 2 books are equally insane as well.
chi makan.
everywhere also sold out-_-
i really should kiss the lady working at 1-U MPH. she's the 1st person that did not dissed me with the kns "you're the 1468230th person to ask this qn and the ans is no" look and instead took the books for me anyway despite me not having any reservation for it.

she deserves like what. a great day ahead cause she's lovely like that. thank you.
you just made my 57 happy laughs*

blog update at

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i'm back (wthefishhead?!)

cause my darling asks me to re-blog here.
waste not she says

seriously needs a re-vamp at this rate...
i need to learn HTML *le'sigh*
on a bright note

CNY is the comings!

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best deco so far goes to midvalley/ Gardens. seriously not bad at all.

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my mom's secret desire is to have a not so secret garden. unfortunately no one has a green thumb in the all will be gone after chap goh mei *laughs*

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every CNY, mom sells these (with other cookies). i now smell like a big fat pineapple tart walking around buying CNY groceries at 1-Utama.

and i need to find my REDBOX card.

FREE KARAOKE if you're born in the YEAR OF OX until 09Feb09.
freaking good reason to clean my room *wthefishpastesauce*