Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i'm back (wthefishhead?!)

cause my darling asks me to re-blog here.
waste not she says

seriously needs a re-vamp at this rate...
i need to learn HTML *le'sigh*
on a bright note

CNY is the comings!

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best deco so far goes to midvalley/ Gardens. seriously not bad at all.

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my mom's secret desire is to have a not so secret garden. unfortunately no one has a green thumb in the all will be gone after chap goh mei *laughs*

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every CNY, mom sells these (with other cookies). i now smell like a big fat pineapple tart walking around buying CNY groceries at 1-Utama.

and i need to find my REDBOX card.

FREE KARAOKE if you're born in the YEAR OF OX until 09Feb09.
freaking good reason to clean my room *wthefishpastesauce*

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