Friday, January 23, 2009

it's here again

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in 9 hours i will be hopping onto my dad's car on the way to penang.
balik to kg.pisang wei :D
last year did not balik cause we just shifted and mom decided to "hoi chiong" (open house) at home. this year no freaking reason not to go back penang *laughs* long grandmother story why my mom does not want to go back.

i'm not looking forward yet i am at the same time. yea. it's one of those love hate relationship. i want to go back and see..whatever's there to see (d'oh) and esp. eat whatever i can (most important thing during CNY , some more penang wei!) but on the other hand, i realized how much i wanna stay back in KL to go pai nin T_T cause there's seriously nothing to do in penang (another long grandmother story what happened to half my family there)


anyway, pai nin means you go out with a plastic bag of oranges....visit friend no.1. after passing the oranges to them, confirmfirm you get back oranges but in a diff plastic bag lar...(don't care they used their own oranges or they recycled yours)

move on to friend no.2. same cycle. friend, no.5, no.6, no.7..and so forth. you can go to 20 houses and come back with a packet of oranges. if you're lucky some cookies and peanuts. hahahahaha :D chinese culture very the farnys wan larh aiyoyoyo

till i come home on Monday, update at

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