Thursday, January 22, 2009

this is INSANE.

just when i made up my mind to re-blog here.
simultaneously i have 4 other blogs to update excluding this.
if i can update all....i tell you
my name now is no longer ms.bulat
giler bertul

oh. it also means i have no life hahaha-_-!!!

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and buying these 2 books are equally insane as well.
chi makan.
everywhere also sold out-_-
i really should kiss the lady working at 1-U MPH. she's the 1st person that did not dissed me with the kns "you're the 1468230th person to ask this qn and the ans is no" look and instead took the books for me anyway despite me not having any reservation for it.

she deserves like what. a great day ahead cause she's lovely like that. thank you.
you just made my 57 happy laughs*

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