Thursday, February 12, 2009

bride wars

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no prize given for guessing who cried (again) at the movies


i need a tears vacumnlarh. i don't understand why i always cry. funny part is sometimes when i am supposed to cry. i freaking don't. very champion wan lorh me. but seriously humour wise for Bride Wars was mediocre but the value of friendship that the show potrayed was good.

well, at least to me larh.

almost the same feeling i had when i watch "the fox and the hound" and it amazes me also that everytime i will cry watching that blardy cartoon until my brother will freak out if he so happens to see it showing on Astro. he DIE also won't let me watch-_-

all my life i had my girlfriends. despite anything and everything, they stood by me. stuck by me. everyone that lasts till today, i know we are really friends cause we are. i had guy friends too. guys that stood by me when they needed something, wanted someone else and disappear faster then lightning once they have their mission accomplished.

how to trust them like that? tell melarh.
(i love my current guy friends but it went through 2-3 years of friendship to get where it is today laughs*)

but it's true. there are some things. no matter what, you will need your girlfriends. guy friends won't understand like that. if not no need 2 genders larh, we can all be amoebas.

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girls camwhore while guys do the math for the bill :D wathesoup. how comes.

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i'm putting it here cause i think ah wai looks damn yeng HAHAHAHHAHAHAH :D

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cause i like candid shots.

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and failure shots

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and more semi-failure shots

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these are the ones that saw me cry in the cinema-_- yay!! *throws spoons*

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and this is how they look like when they check out girls.


  1. at this rate, no need anyone to tell T_T LOLS

  2. lolol...
    I cried too!
    I cry in every movie i watch -_-
    House Bunny also I cry, Herbie i cry. I was continuously crying in the aeroplane to Houston -_- I watched 4 movies cried 4 times