Thursday, February 19, 2009

cause happiness comes in diff forms

after a long day staring at adobe, these came like a blessing

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oh my currypop *lala la la la* hahaha yea i'm singing for you de :D

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omg. suddenly i have a fetish for pies. the best pie is still Dome's apple pie. *yumyumyum*but these were not bad also :D aiya. anything sweet makes me happy, so they are all goooood.sigh if like this..i think i need to learn how to bake pies edy-_-. here we we go again.

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and please read the above :D
cause ms.chicken's friend read it as "SHIT CAR ROCKS!!!"
obviously either her reading is bad or she diedie also don't wanna admit ms.chicken's new car rocks so must read subconsciously wrong. aih i tell you *laughs*

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