Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DVD rounds.

It has been quite some time since i sat down and watch DVD.
actually not thattt long aso larh. hahaha but still :D

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meet Ribena wei. so nostalgic :D

was watching this Korean movie, Babo : Miracle of Giving Fool.

and now i shall ctrl-C, ctrl-V the synopsis :D
Ji-ho is a promising pianist, studying and playing abroad for years. But one night she had a stage fright and never recovers. In despair, Ji-ho comes home and meets her old classmate Sung-ryong. Once a very bright boy, Sung-ryong had an accident and now he is in late 20s with the mind of a six year old. He is very forgetful, but he has never forgotten his first love Ji-ho. Other half of Sung-ryong’s dumb mind is occupied with his only family – younger sister Jee-in. To take care of her, Sung-ryong sells toasts in front of Jee-in’s school. But Jee-in is embarrassed of her idiotic brother and ignores him. And Sang-soo is Sung-ryong’s old friend who understands Sung-ryong’s innocent mind. But he inevitably falls to the world of gangsters. Ji-ho is still in her slump, Jee-in falls sick and Sang-soo gets involved in a bloody dispute. But all of their agonies are miraculously saved by Sung-ryong in a way nobody has forseen….
overall it wasn't a bad show. it was actually quite nice, prolly a bit slow but enough to keep you watching. like "let's talk a slow walk at the park while enjoying the scenery" kinda feeling. so if walking at the park leisurely isn't your cup of tea plus you don't have much emotions to boot, skip this show hahaha :D

it was supposed to be all hoo-hah emotional, but i didn't feel it. yea i felt sad but prolly cause i watched sadder movies, or that in my mind korean movies are all like this ( i watched a sadder korean one on the plane last year, cried my eyeballs out in the plane-_- ) or the message just din't get hit me hard enough *laughs*

but what i seriously like was the cinematography of it. the mood, colours, setting, camera angles were all sooo pretty and dreamy :D super love. hahahaha like coloured still shots that can be made into photos and hung up on walls in nice frames *sigh* plus the main actor was reallyreally giler good. to me larh-_-

3 things i remember clearly from the movie
  • was the toast. the main actor makes toast and i seriously felt like trying it. was dying for toast after the show. thank God it was 11pm. time to go home laughs*
  • that if you replay the show manymany times. CONfirmfirmfirm you can sing "twinkle twinkle lil star" in Korean-_- they sang it like God knows how many times. even there this lil cafe in the show was named after this song. Jeng.jeng.jeeeengggg.
  • that laughing is really good for the soul hahaha :D


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