Thursday, February 5, 2009

the glass slipper (not)

today i felt how Cinderella felt.

mopping and sweeping the floor is one thing. but to thoroughly wipe and scrub a 1 month empty house is a totally different thing. maybe cause i have never really cleaned like this before but seriously at that point where i was just scrubbing like a mad woman (oh Lord where did those stains come from?!) i suddenly understood why Cinderella made friends with the mice and's like in Enchanted.

seriously a helping hand from anywhere is better then none.


and 3 cheers for Jif. it is the ....second best thing ever invented. (desserts in general are always the 1st best :D or should i say friendship? hahaha)
if it wasn't for Jif, i would be making up a whole lot of new curse words. suddenly damn pity the maid who was cleaning the house-_- i must have really looked like a spoilt brat asking how this and how that-_-''

she just laughed and layaned me. surprisingly we talked damn a lot too with my awful bahasa.

when i came back home, i smelt something burnt.

dinner was burnt.

mom ter-burn the porridge she was cooking. i never felt so happy before when she said "we are having McD's instead." with the most 'no choicela' look.

3 cheers for burnt porridge (or a careless mom ngekngek :D)

or she purposely did it so i can have McD's!!!



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